MCC Interim Linux 1.0+ released

MCC Interim Linux 1.0+ released

Post by Owen Le Bla » Fri, 01 Apr 1994 02:47:14

I know you're not going to believe this, but it's here!

The MCC interim release of Linux 1.0 is available.  As usual the
documentation isn't quite ready yet, but the packages are there,
waiting to be transferred.  The primary site and mirror sites are:         /pub/linux/mcc-interim/1.0+          /pub/OS/Linux/images/MCC-interim/1.0+       /pub/Linux/distributions/MCC/1.0+        /pub/linux/distributions/MCC/1.0+      /packages/Linux/mcc-mirror/1.0+

Those users who are installing from scratch, and who want a big,
complete Linux system will very likely prefer the Debian distribution.
The MCC release aims to provide a small but complete system.  It does
not contain X, but it works well with TinyX and with XFree86-2.1.  The
MCC distribution is carefully designed so that it can be installed 'over'
an existing system; it removes most of the old binaries and creates a
/backupdirs tree into which the old files such as /etc/passwd are moved
during the installation.

This release tries very hard to conform to the new Linux File System
Standard, and moves various directores to wherever they ought to be
according to the standard.

This release will not install correctly on Minix partitions with the
14-character name length limit, since many files (especially man pages)
have longer names.  But this release should install correctly on Minix
partitions with 30-byte file names, or on ext2 file systems.

This release includes a mail package (containing smail and elm) and
an lp package (with a printcap(5) man page).  A boot disk containing
CD-ROM support is available, but the 'NoCD' boot disk is recommended
because of the number of problems that probing can cause.  You will
also need the root disk.

Besides the root and boot disk, the various packages include GCC 2.5.8,
the kernel source (version 1.0 plus the first four patches), groff, gawk,
bison, flex, kermit, g++, section 2, 3, and 9 man pages, and many info
files.  The exact source and patches used to compile every binary contained
in this distribution are available.

I hope that the complete documentation will be available by Easter Tuesday.
In the meanwhile, please read the files README and Bugs+Warnings which
accompany the distribution.

     -- Owen