Table of Contents for Linux Journal #16 (August)

Table of Contents for Linux Journal #16 (August)

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The August issue of Linux Journal (#16) will be printed soon and we
will be mailing them a few weeks from now.  Subscription orders
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                           LINUX JOURNAL
                     Issue #16 -- August 1995

                         Table of Contents


        Linux Goes to Sea                               --by Randolph Bentson
                Stephen Harris tells how he uses Linux for ship-to
                shore communication.

                Linux in the Real World
        Efficient, User-Friendly Seismology             --by Sid Hellman
                Seismologists use Linux on field workstations.

        HTML Forms: Interacting with the Net            --by Eric Kasten
                How to create interactive HTML forms.

News and Articles

        The Trade Shows: Comdex Spring and Internet World
                by Randolph Bentson and Arnold Robbins
        PracTcl Programming Tips: Putting Widgets in Their Place
                by Stephen Uhler
        Prototyping Algorithms in Perl
                by Jim Shapiro

Regular Features

        Novice to Novice: Interlude & Explorations: Spreadsheets &
                Text Editors
        Letters to the Editor
        Book Review: Sendmail
        Kernel Korner: Memory Allocation
        Stop the Presses
        New Products

Directories & Reference

        Upcoming Events
        Advertisers Index
        Consultants Directory -- Consultants who work with Linux


        Update on Linux Ports
        Tools for Linux Developers
        Porting DOS Applications to Linux

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