Linux Tcl/Tk diffs in ~ftp/pub/yggdrasil/misc/tcl-diffs

Linux Tcl/Tk diffs in ~ftp/pub/yggdrasil/misc/tcl-diffs

Post by Adam J Richt » Sun, 03 Jan 1993 05:10:04

        I've placed the single line changes that I made to build
Tcl and Tk under Linux in
I've already sent these changes to Professor Ousterhout (the author
of Tcl and Tk).

        [I am posting this from because
attempted to mail my posting to the nonexistent email address

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1. Plans for Tcl/Tk8.4 version of tksh (ksh93 + Tcl/Tk)?

# > Does anyone have any experience using tksh? If so, what were your
# > reasons for using tksh rather than just Tcl/Tk?
# >
# > It seems like an interesting idea, but quick google searches on
# > newsgroups and web pages don't seem to show much discussion of it
# > the last year or so.
# >
# > Now that ksh has been open-sourced (, does
# > anyone have plans to produce a Tcl/Tk8.4 version? (The current
# > looks like it uses Tcl/Tk7.6.)
# I was forwarded your posting to comp.lang.tcl.
# After version 7.6 came out, I stopped working on tksh (at that
# point, tcl was changing so quickly I got frustrated trying to
# keeping up).  However, now that ksh and tksh are open-source, there
# seems to be renewed interest.  I recently started working at AT&T so
# I have a little extra time to work on it.  I am going to look at 8.4
# and see how much work would be required.  If it's a lot, I would
# need contributions from others to complete it.

FYI. I'm posting this slighly reformatted reply that I received from
Jeff Korn with his permission. Thanks Jeff.

Conrad Schneiker
(This note is unofficial and subject to improvement without notice.)

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