SLS update: 99p12 and lib 4.4.2

SLS update: 99p12 and lib 4.4.2

Post by Peter MacDona » Thu, 19 Aug 1993 22:53:29

Updates to SLS 1.03 are now on

New features of this upgrade include:

 - Linux 99p12
 - libc 4.4.2 and libg++ 2.4 upgrade
 - Loadable kernel modules
 - Sound blaster CD support
 - tpqic02 driver, kind of hacked up alot by me.

Previous features still supported:

 - Quotas
 - Eric Youngdale's ELF support for SVR4 binaries
 - the new mitsumi driver with SLS additions
 - ifs and loop fs
 - selection
 - national video font support

The kernel comes prepatched and preconfigured, ready to compile.
Hopefully, fewer people will have problems.  The loadable kernel
modules is from the QIC80 project, and really works quite

The libs had to be updated, just to allow networking (routing
actually) to work.  They are alpha, and will be updated again
once Hlu officially releases them.  New versions of boot disks
will be showing up in the next few days.

Note also that the copyright notice has been clarified in the
NOTICE to explain that the installation scripts (but very
little else) in SLS are copyright Softlanding Software.
Using them to roll your own distribution, tearing off the
SLS name, and putting in your own, is not permitted.  These
scripts "are" SLS, and any distribution built using them
must be called thus.   Doing otherwise constitutes taking
credit for the work of others.  Since Slackware has made this mistake,
it is currently frozen until it develops it's own installation
and administration system.

Here is the list from the ChangeLog (diskXN files ommitted):
930817: a2/shlibs.tgz: update to 4.4.2
        a2/image.tgz: 99p12 kernel
        a4/gzip123.tgz: update
        b4/lx99p12.tgz: the prepatched official release
        c1/lib442.tgz: replaces c1/lib441.tgz
        c1/gxx245.tgz: update g++
        c1/gxxinc24.tgz: update g++
        c2/modules.tgz: load modules into kernel
        c3/inc442.tgz: replaces inc441.tgz
        b4/fixkbd.tgz: rm
        b5/lxpatch.tgz: rm
        c2/sound.tgz: rm
        b2/ncurses.tgz: mv to b4/
        b2/tin11p8.tgz: mv to b3/
        b3/perl.tgz: mv to c3/
        b4/elm2421.tgz: mv to b2/
        b4/bc.tgz: mv to b5/
        b4/cpio22a.tgz: mv to b3/
        c3/smaltalk.tgz: mv to b3/




1. SLS update: g++ lib

A new c1/gxx233.tpz is on tsx-11.  It fixes a problem with
linking some regex code.  I guess I missed hlu's update.

The NFS problem will have to wait until Linus's next release.
Generally, it is his responsibility for kernel patches.

Also, look out for the X11 upgrade this weekend.



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