New mail reader for X (for alpha testers only)

New mail reader for X (for alpha testers only)

Post by M. Sagg » Thu, 22 Apr 1993 19:34:51

The porpose of this post is to expose the new program to prospective
alpha testers. Please do give it a wack for a while, then fill in and
mail the survey form. Please note two things not mentioned in the
README file below:
     1) The archive s temporarily available at under
     2) Contrary to the install notes, you must take a look and edit
        (if necessary) the config.h file (it has just two lines).

Here we go.

    MuMail (mo mail, as in ``more mail'') is an X-based mail reader.
    It's a stand alone mail reader, not just a front-end like xmh. If
    you're familair with Elm, you'll feel at home with MuMail. MuMail
    can read/write Elm folders and uses key shortcuts similar to those
    of Elm.

    This is version 0.7a, the ``a'' stands for ALPHA, so please backup
    your mail folders before opening them with MuMail, just in case
    something goes wrong.

    The purpose of this release is to be tested by alpha testers, it's
    not for the general public. If you're not an experienced user,
    please hold on for a while, your time will come. If you want to
    test it, please use it and fill in and send the survey included
    with the release; it's quite simple, just a few questions. Please
    do fill in the survey, that the purpose of this release. If you
    find any bugs, please fill in and send the bug report, along with
    any fixes.

    MuMail is still not complete. It's weakest point is its parsing of
    letter headers, I'm just not fond of writing a lot of string
    parsing routines (I'm hoping somebody else will!). It's quite
    functional though, and can currently do most (sometimes more) of
    what other mail readers can do.

    Here is what MuMail can currently do:

    * Incorporate new mail
    * Folder Open/ ReOpen/ Save/ SaveAs/ Delete/ Info/ Commit
    * Letter View/ ViewAll/ Compose/ ExternalCompose/ Reply/ Forward/
             Delete/ Undelete/ Copy/ Refile/ Info
    * Draft Prepare/ Send/ Cancel/ Quote/ Insert/ InsertSignature/
    * Built-in Editor/Viewer with Emacs bindings
    * Can use external editor
    * Mouse operated or with key shortcuts

    Here is what it cannot (yet!) do:
    * Complete parsing of letter headers
    * Folder sort
    * Plus probably other things

    Here is a very brief summary of the key bindings.

    In the table of content (index) display:

    Left Button:    select letter (does not display)
    Middle Button:  select letter and display

    If you don't like using the menus, you can use these keyboard
    shortcuts as a convenience, but they don't cover all menu options

    Down:           select next letter (does not display)
    Up:             select previous letter (does not display)
    n:              select next letter and display
    p:              select previous letter and display
    Space:          display current letter
    v:              display current letter with all headers (verbose)
    c:              compose letter
    r:              reply to letter
    f:              forward letter
    C:              copy letter to another folder
    F:              refile letter to another folder
    d:              delete letter
    u:              undelete letter
    i:              display letter info
    q:              exit (ask if folder not saved)
    Q:              quick exit (no confirmation)

    In the letter view area:

    Besides the usual mouse functions (scrolling and such), the
    editor/viewer has a large number of key bindings (you can
    customize those if you don't like them). I'm not going to list
    those here, but they generally follow Emacs' key bindings (e.g.
    C-s = search. C-w kill region, ..etc). You can find those in any
    Xaw reference, or just by groaping. Here are some additional ones
    I defined:

    PgUp:           scroll back
    PgDown:         scroll down
    C-Space:        start marking
    C-Up:           extend selection up
    C-Down:         extend selection down
    C-Right:        extend selection right
    C-Left:         extend selection left
    C-x C-k:        kill draft (cancel send)
    C-c C-w:        insert signature

    As you can see, I tried to make those mimic equivalent key
    bindings of Emacs' send-mail.

    Enjoy! Please don't forget to fill in and mail the survey.

All the best,

/Muhammad M. Saggaf        | Bosnia: a nation annihilated while the


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