Midnight Commander 1.0 (was Mouseless Commander)

Midnight Commander 1.0 (was Mouseless Commander)

Post by Miguel de Ica » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 00:39:30

This is version 1.0 of the Midnight Commander, previously known as the
MouseLess Commander, but this name doesn't fit very well anymore.  The
principal changes since the last beta version are documented at the
end of this document.

The Midnight Commander is a directory browsing tool with a very close
look and feel to John Socha's Norton Commander for DOS (it's very
nice, fast and we have tested it for months, you really need a copy of
it).  The program currently has been run on the following
configurations succesfully:


And since now we are using GNU's autoconf, it should be pretty easy to
port to other configurations.

I have uploaded the Midnight Commander 1.0 to sunsite.unc.edu in the
directory /pub/Linux/Incoming as the file mc-1.0.tar.gz and will be
moved sometime to /pub/Linux/utils/file/managers.

The Midnight Commander comes with mouse support on xterms and on the
Linux console.  The mouse support on the Linux console depends on the
availability of the GPM Mouse Server, you can get this one from
iride.unipv.it in the directory /pub/gpm.

The Midnight Commander was written by Miguel de Icaza, Janne
Kukonlehto and Mauricio Plaza.  We have setup a mailing list for
discussing the development of the program, reporting bugs and
proposing new enhancements, to suscribe send a mail to

And this is are the changes from the last beta version 0.14:

- Improvements to the internal file viewer:
   Wrap/Unwrap mode.
   Hex mode.
   Hex searches.
   Now you can view compressed files (gzip, compress, zip, pack and lzh).
   Performance enhancements, now it's much faster.
   Works on systems without mmap.

- Mouse Support now also works on xterms.
   If you run in the Linux console, you will still need the gpm mouse server
   to use the mouse support, but if you use xterms, then you're lucky
   and can use the mouse support when using xterms.

- Help system and man page.
   Both were updated and has many more hypertext links inside, the
   help system can also be used with a mouse.

- If running on xterms, now you can see the output of the last program
  you ran by using the C-o key combination.

- Switch panels command (C-u)
- With filter command per panel.
- With auto mounting/umounting on chdir feature.
- With tilde expansion (~, ~user).
- Much more portable.
- The documentantation is much clearer and has been enhanced.
- Many bugs were fixed.
- Much better messages.
- No more hard coded limits (on input lines, directory sizes, internal
  buffers and more).

And here it's the LSM file:
Title:          Midnight Commander

Version:        1.0

Entered-date:   29 Oct 1994.

Description:    File manager with mouse support.

Keywords:       File manager, mouse support, gpm client, user shell,
                menu utility.

Primary-site:   sunsite.unc.edu /pub/Linux/utils/file/managers
                136k mc-1.0.tar.gz

Alternate-site: ftp.nuclecu.unam.mx /linux/local
                136k mc-1.0.tar.gz

Platforms:      ncurses 1.8.5; ftp.netcom.com:/pub/zmbenhal
                if Mouse Support is required on the Linux Console,
                then the GPM mouse server, available at:
                Mouse support on xterms is standard.

Copying-policy: GPL



Be sure to include Keywords: and a short description of your software.


1. MouseLess Commander for Linux

I have uploaded a bug fix release of the MouseLess Commander, a free
Norton Commander Clone to sunsite.unc.edu in the directory
/pub/Linux/Incoming, I think it will end in /pub/Linux/utils/file the
file name is mc-0.3.tar.gz.

The MouseLess Commander is a directory browsing tool with a very close
look and feel to John Socha's Norton Commander for DOS. The MouseLess
Commander doesn't have all the bells and whistles of his DOS
counterpart, but was written in only 24 days on a Linux box and it's
faster than the existing file managers for Linux.

Here is the LSM:

Title        = MouseLess Commander, file manager
Version      = 0.3
Desc1        = The MouseLess Commander is Norton Commander clone, a program
Desc2        = used for directory/file manipulation/managing. Nothing new
Desc3        = but very usefull.
Desc4        = It's fast, has colors in the Linux console.
Author       = Miguel de Icaza and Mauricio Plaza

Maintainer   = Miguel, Mauricio

Site1        = sunsite.unc.edu
Path1        = /pub/Linux/utils/file
File1        = mc-0.3.tar.gz
FileSize1    = 31k
Site2        = ftp.nuclecu.unam.mx
Path2        = /linux/local
File2        = mc-0.3.tar.gz
FileSize2    = 31k
Required1    = Linux 1.0, Linux 1.1 or SunOS 4.1
Required2    = The GNU C Compiler
Required3    = The NCurses 1.8.5 package (it's in ftp.netcom.com:/pub/zmbenhal)
CopyPolicy1  = GNU General Public License version 2.
Keywords     = file manager, ncurses, directory browser
Comment1     = Find File, displays two directories at the same time, default
Comment2     = file operations act over the selected file or the tagged files
Comment3     = and default to the other panel.
Comment4     = User friendly shell
Entered      = 29APR94
EnteredBy    = Miguel



Be sure to include Keywords: and a short description of your software.

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