SafeDelete 1.0 -- safely delete/undelete files

SafeDelete 1.0 -- safely delete/undelete files

Post by Jeff Renick » Thu, 30 Mar 1995 04:00:00

I have uploaded a new set of utilities to  They'll be in until they get moved to their
proper place:

SafeDelete is a set of utilities to allow deleted files to be
recovered.  The safedelete command serves as an enhancement to
the rm command and saves files to an alternate directory before
actually removing them.  Files in this alternate directory are given
a new name so multiple files with the same name can be saved
without having to worry about collisions.  As files are deleted a log
file is updated indicating which files can be recovered using the
undelete command.

The undelete command will restore a file to its original directory
(along with its original permissions, times stamps, etc).  Undelete
has both a command line and ncurses interface.  The ncurses "flavor"
displays a full-screen, scrollable list of all the files a user can
undelete.  This comes in handy when you forget which files you still
have available for recovery.

I wrote these utilities to provide any easy way to recover from
some overzealous deletions that I've done.  The ncurses interface
was developed because I got tired of going through directory listings
looking for files and then trying to remember which directory they
came from.  I hope you can benefit from them, I know I have.  



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