COMMERCIAL: Beta testers for Accelerated-X Release 1.2

COMMERCIAL: Beta testers for Accelerated-X Release 1.2

Post by Jeremy Chatfiel » Mon, 28 Nov 1994 00:25:06

           |                                           |
           |         ---+++===***===+++---             |
           |          Beta Testers Sought              |
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           |                                           |
           |              Commercial                   |
           |    High Performance X Server for Intel    |
           |             UNIX Systems                  |
           |                                           |
           |  Test focus:                              |
           |                                           |
           | o  1280x1024x24bpp packed, accelerated    |
           |    (Mach64, etc)                          |
           | o  New S3 chips (Vision [89]68, 866,      |
           |    TRIO32, 64)                            |
           | o  Avance 2301, 2228, 2101                |
           | o  Revised Matrox, Tseng, S3 support      |
           | o  Compaq Qvision 1024 & 1280             |
           | o  Support for multiple PCI boards        |
           | o  Touchscreen support <Elographics       |
           |    DuraTouch 280>                         |
           | o  Improved Hardware Cursor support       |
           |    (dynamic HW<->SW Cursor switching)     |
           |                                           |

X Inside Incorporated sells a high performance X Server for Intel
based UNIX Systems.  We are looking to expand our Beta test group to
include coverage for the additional chipsets and input devices.
We expect at least two Beta releases before we move to a release.

Quote:>From today, if you buy Release 1.1, we'll upgrade you to 1.2 for free.

This is not a promotion - it's a fact of life that announcing a product
with no upgrade path causes sales of current products to drop :-(

Operating Systems supported for the first Beta test are:

        BSDI 1.1
        FreeBSD 1.1, 2.0 (with 1.1 compatibility libs)
        ISC 4.1
        Linux 1.0, 1.1
        SCO 3.2.4 with X
        SCO ODT 3.0 and up
        SINIX-D & SINIX-Z
        Solaris 2.4
        UNIX System V Release 4.0 & derivatives (e.g. AT&T/NCR)
        UNIX System V Release 4.2 & derivatives
        UnixWare 1.0 to 1.2

We would like to hear from people used to recording their observations,
to help test the next release of our product in a range of conditions.  
We are interested in testing in the following environments:

        Users with the following graphics chipsets and 4MB on-board
        for 1280x1024, or any memory size for 640x480, 24bpp packed,
        (accelerated where supported by the graphics engine):

                ATI Mach32, Mach64
                Avance Logic 2228, 2301
                Cirrus Logic 5424, 5426, 5428, 5429, 5430, 5434
                Oak Technologies OTI087
                S3 801, 805, 805i, 864, 911, 924, 928
                Tseng ET4000, ET4000/W32, ET4000/W32i, ET4000/W32p

        Users with S3 (especially the new Trio and Vision 866, 868,
                968 chips), Avance, Compaq Qvision 1024 & Qvision 1280,
                Tseng ET4000 and the ET4000/W32 family.

        Users with two or more PCI graphics boards.

        Users that tend to use fancy (read big) cursors on boards that
        do have a hardware cursor.

If you are interested in taking part in the Beta test, please send

will send back a more detailed response with how to obtain the Beta,
install it and some more details on changes, etc.

Email address:
Phone number:

Hardware details -
CPU and speed:
Amount of RAM[MB]:

Operating System:       FreeBSD 1.1/FreeBSD 2.0/Linux 1.0.?/Linux 1.1.?
                        SCO ODT 3.0/etc, etc, etc.
Swap space[MB]:

Applications in use -
Are you writing your own software?
What software will you be using to exercise the Server?

Graphics board details -
Maker (e.g. Diamond, ATI, Matrox, etc):
Model (e.g. Imagine-128, Stealth 32):
Graphics chip (if known):
RAMDAC (if known):
Graphics memory[MB]:
Bus used for graphics board: ISA/EISA/MCA/VESA/PCI

Monitor -
Tech specs (if available) -
Max horz frequency:
Max vert frequency:

Mouse -
# of buttons: 2, 3, other!
Connection type: Serial, bus, keyboard|PS/2

Digitiser tablet:


Testing experience -
Can you give some idea of what type of testing you've done in the past?
Can you identify any bugs in any software you are using now - could you
report it below, so we can assess your skills?

Thanks for the bandwidth.

Cheers, JeremyC.

        X Inside Inc, P O Box 10774, Golden, CO 80401-0610, USA.


PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.