WWW: Kernel Mailing list FAQ WWW Site

WWW: Kernel Mailing list FAQ WWW Site

Post by Frohwalt Eger » Fri, 18 Apr 1997 04:00:00


The brand new 1200-line Kernel Mailing List FAQ is now available on


Besides being available on the web, the FAQ will be sent to the kernel
mailing list (and probably comp.os.linux.answers, too) on the 1st of every

The web site has an url-minder entry form, so you can get automatically get
informed on updates of the FAQ by email.

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Gotta say, overall a great site. Not bogged down with too many graphics, easy
layout to navigate, good information.

My only suggestions would be these:

1. Perhaps consider including info on Stampede. It's a fairly new distro (in
comparisson), and has done some nice things overall with it's setup features. I
still prefer my good ol Slackware, but it's another alternative with some
advantages to the newbie.

2. Consider placing a little more info on the main page conserning the differences
between installations. One of the things I ahve found that scares most new Linux
users away, is that they are afraid of the actual install. Once they get beyond
that fear...we usually find them lurking around groups like these within no time.
I guess fear is worse thatn the actual fate of doing huh?

Just a couple of suggestions, but other than that, nice page. Mind if I link it?

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