lxb 0.5 - X/Motif GUI Builder

lxb 0.5 - X/Motif GUI Builder

Post by Bruce E Park » Mon, 10 Mar 1997 04:00:00


I have uploaded version 0.5 of lxb to sunsite.unc.edu.

lxb is an X/Motif interactive graphical user interface builder. With it you
can build GUI made up of Motif widgets instantiated by clicking on icons, move
and resize them with the mouse, and edit their resources. Once the GUI is
built, pressing a button will produce the required C source and header files to
build the GUI, and an X resource file and Makefile.

lxb is a work in progress. Most but not all Motif widgets are available, and
most but not all resources can be edited. There are many features of a good GUI
builder yet to be done.

lxb will eventually be found in /pub/Linux/X11/devel. The 3 files associated
with lxb are:

   1) lxb.README  (this file)
   2) lxb-0.5.tar.gz
   3) lxb.lsm

The Homepage for lxb is http://www.umn.edu/nlhome/g257/parki005/lxb/lxb.html
Further information including screen shots and links to the software can be
found there.

JAVA Anyone?

lxb currently only generates C code. It would be rather interesting if it could
also generate Java/AWT code.  If you have some experience developing in Java/AWT
(and at least an exposure to X/Motif) and would be interested in working on a
Java code generator for lxb drop me a line.

- ----------------------------
New for lxb in this version:
- ----------------------------

1) Major redesign of the windows and GUI for usability sake:

  - Made widget pallet it's own window.

  - Moved widget hierarchy display area to under menubar. Removed status
    display area that was under the menubar.

  - Implemented a scrolled output only window for messages to the user
    under the menubar and above the widget hierarchy display area.

  - Added new functionality to the resource editor GUI.

  - Made the fonts larger and colors more consistent.

2) Fixed bugs. Most notable:

  - Fixed core dump when attempting to use mb2 to move a widget without
    first using mb1 to select.

3) Implemented constant update of resource editor. Stays up constantly now
   and changes to reflect selected widget.

4) Added ability to assign and change a widget's name.

5) Added ability to set Widget variable to be either local or global in
   generated code.                      

6) Fixed XmForm child constraint bugs. Can now set attachments of sibling
   widgets, and offsets. Now accurately reflected in "play/test" mode, and
   in the generated code.

7) Fixed problems encountered when resizing and moving child widgets inside
   of some constraint widgets. Now test mode and the generated code match
   the GUI built.

8) Added auto save every 2 minutes of GUI being built in a temporary save file.

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