hp2xx (HP-GL to mf,ps,etc) uploaded to tsx-11

hp2xx (HP-GL to mf,ps,etc) uploaded to tsx-11

Post by Thomas Dunb » Fri, 15 Jan 1993 07:05:39

 i've uploaded a hp2xx binary and extensive documentation (manpage, info,
  and dvi format) to tsx-11.mit.edu, pub/linux/packages/TeX/hp2xx.taz

    The `hp2xx' program is a versatile tool to convert vector-oriented
graphics data given in Hewlett-Packard's HP-GL plotter language into a
variety of popular both vector- and raster-oriented graphics formats.
   The various supported output formats include Encapsulated PostScript
(EPS), MetaFont, PCX, IMG, and several formats intended to facilitate the
generation of graphics within TeX documents. In addition, `hp2xx'
output is printable on the HP Laserjet/Deskjet printer series, and it
may be used as a HP-GL previewer on many platforms, e.g. X11


1. at-2.6 uploaded to tsx-11 and sunsite


I've just uploaded version 2.6 of my at(1) package for running commands
at a certain time to tsx-11 and sunsite.  This version fixes a one - day
offset bug in certain dates and offers some better configuration.

Here's the lsm entry to tell you about it:

Title        = at
Version      = at-2.6
Desc1        = At is an implementation of at(1) for running commands at
Desc2        = a specified time.  It now features times such as
Desc3        = at now + 10 minutes or at tomorrow 3:00 pm.
Author       = Thomas Koenig

Maintainer   = Thomas Koenig

Site1        = tsx-11.mit.edu
Path1        = /pub/linux/sources/usr.bin/
File1        = at-2.6.tgz
FileSize1    = 25989
Site2        = sunsite.unc.edu
Path2        = /pub/Linux/system/Daemons
File2        = at-2.6.tgz
FileSize2    = 25989
Required1    = crond
CopyPolicy1  = GNU Copyleft

Comment2     = routines for 2.0; many thanks to him!
Entered      = 28FEB94
EnteredBy    = Thomas Koenig

The joy of engineering is to find a straight line on a double
logarithmic diagram.

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