xtexcad and dvi2tty added to Linux TeX package

xtexcad and dvi2tty added to Linux TeX package

Post by Thomas Dunb » Fri, 26 Mar 1993 04:53:00

i've added xtexcad.tz and dvi2tty.tz to the SLS t2 disk. it is now
available on tsx-11.mit.edu in dir /pub/linux/SLS/t2.

xtexcad is a wysiwyg interface for writing*picture stuff..see
the included manual for more info (and a note on getting it working
if olvwm is your window manager)

dvi2tty converts a TeX dvi file to ascii. source is included.
parameter values that work well for me are:
 dvi2tty -w 100 -e-10 mfpicdoc
see the manpage for more info.



1. AUC-TeX Emacs package added to SLS TeX files

I've added auc-tex.tpz to the /pub/linux/SLS/t2 disk at
tsx-11.mit.edu. You may want to change some of the
defaults in /usr/emacs/lisp/tex-site.el; remember to
byte-compile tex-site.el if you do (or delete the
tex-site.elc that's included).
 the archive also contains a /usr/emacs/lisp/info.elc
different from the standard one..mine is Dave Gillespie's
improved Info reader to which i've made a one-line mod
so that it can unpack gzipped files as well as .Z files
(ie one can gzip all the files in /usr/emacs/info, except
for dir)

 Auc-TeX is a LaTeX/TeX package for Emacs. Source and
documentation can be found in
 /pub/linux/packages/TeX/auc-tex.tar.Z at tsx-11.mit.edu,
as well as at many other sites.

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