COMMERCIAL: $1.99 Red Hat 4.2 on CD-ROM

COMMERCIAL: $1.99 Red Hat 4.2 on CD-ROM

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             Cheap*Bytes CD-ROM with Red Hat 4.2 (plus bonus)

Cheap*Bytes, a company that specializes in low cost Linux related products,
announces the following:

       Cheap*Bytes CD-ROM with Red Hat 4.2 ------------>  $ 1.99 each

                 Yes, you read that right!  That is $ 1.99!!!
                   See Below for Other Red Hat Offerings

Red Hat 4.2 Linux can be used as a UNIX (r) workstation for purposes from
running Web Servers to software development.

Red Hat 4.2 includes several fixes over 4.1  Use the Cheap*Bytes CD-ROM
to upgrade your system with these important fixes.  This CD-ROM includes
*FULL* source code for the base Red Hat non-commercial distribution.

SPECIAL BONUS: We had some room leftover on the CD-ROM, so you will
also find useful additional files (archives, contrib, etc).  See our
web page for additional details.

- - ------------------------
To order with your chargecard, you can use our *SECURED* web page at:


have Web access.

For shipments in the United States and Canada, a check in U.S. dollars
can be sent in the amount of $6.99 (CD-ROM product only) to cover shipping
and handling to:

P.O. Box 2714
Lodi, CA 95241

COD orders are not accepted for this product.  For international
orders, please see our shipping schedule at

Shipping charges will be applied depending on destination.  Orders for
just this product will be shipped via U.S. First Class Mail or U.S. Airmail
depending on destination.  For shipping and handling charges, please review
our Web page.  All prices are in U.S. dollars.

International and chargecard orders are both gladly accepted.
Checks and money orders are accepted which are drawn in U.S. dollars.
Please see our web page to acquire an order form.

- - ----------------
The product will be shipping the -week- of June 9th.  Orders will
be processed on a first come, first served basis.  Orders are now
being accepted.

- - ------------------------
The $ 1.99 price is for the Intel(tm) platform.  We accept multiple
CD orders of this product.  Buy enough for your whole block or dorm!

- - ---------------
Cheap*Bytes is offering this product as an opportunity for Linux users
to receive a current version of Red Hat in addition to becoming familiar
with Cheap*Bytes and our great prices!  We offer a variety of Linux related
books as well.

As with other distributions of Linux, we *strongly* suggest that users
purchase the "Official" releases of the software.  They include extra
features that are worth the additional cost.  In particular for Red Hat!

However, we realize that many consumers want a great bargain!  We do offer
the "Official" release of Red Hat 4.2 from Red Hat software as well.  See
our Web page for our regular low prices.

- - --------------------------------

Red Hat 4.2 "Official" Release Intel        $ 36.00 ea
Red Hat 4.2 "Official" Release Sparc        $ 42.00 ea
Red Hat 4.2 "Official" Release Alpha        $ 42.00 ea
Cheap*Bytes Red Hat 4.2 CD-ROM + archives   $  5.99 ea
Linux in a Nutshell plus $1.99 CD-ROM       $ 18.90 ea
Official Manual plus $1.99 CD-ROM           $ 15.95 ea
Official Red Hat 4.2 Manual                 $ 14.95 ea

- - -------------------------
Red Hat is a trademark of Red Hat software.
This product is being redistributed per the terms of the copyright
included with Red Hat.

The Linux kernel is Copyright 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 Linus Torvalds (others
hold copyrights on some of the drivers, filesystems, and other parts of the
kernel) and is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

*** Various other copyrights apply. See the documentation accompanying the
software packages for full details.

- - -------------------------
Not responsible for typographical errors or information given to Cheap*Bytes
incorrectly from manufacturers and/or suppliers.  See our web page for
current pricing and policy information.  Prices subject to change without

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Cheap*Bytes specializes in discounted computer software and books.  We offer
a variety of Linux products.  Through efficient use of the internet, we
are able to offer great prices on great products!

       Cheap*Bytes  -  P.O. Box 2714  -  Lodi  -  CA 95241  -  USA
                           FAX  -  209-367-8518

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