at-1.1a.tar.Z uploaded to tsx-11

at-1.1a.tar.Z uploaded to tsx-11

Post by Thomas Koen » Thu, 28 Jan 1993 05:33:00

I've just uploaded the new version of at to tsx-11.  This version
fixes a bug in the Makefile and a problem for people who have
aliased /bin/rmail to /usr/lib/sendmail.  It can be found on

People who have experienced no trouble setting up and running the
1.1 version do not need to upgrade.

Happy hacking

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1. at-1.2.tar.Z uploaded to tsx-11 and sunsite

Hello, Linux - world;

I have just uploaded version 1.2 of my at package to
and, where they will hopefully make it into the
correct directories soon, as at-1.2.tar.Z.

This version corrects a daylight saving time bug (not evident before,
seems like not too many people were using it on the southern hemisphere
;-), handles a missing or unreadable /etc/utmp entry more gracefully,
and fixes the strange permission problems with chown() some people have
reported by running the at - command as suid root.

Also included are diffs to make at work under 386BSD, thanks to Jonas

Happy hacking, everybody

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