lsm-1.0.tgz uploaded to sunsite and tsx-11

lsm-1.0.tgz uploaded to sunsite and tsx-11

Post by Ed Ca » Fri, 06 Aug 1993 22:39:37

lsm - LSM maintainer.

If you've ever messed around with Jeff's LSM data entry form, you've
probably noticed that it's a real pain to work with, right?  Well, that's
why I wrote this little gem.  It uses curses to put up screens for you to
fill in info, then saves it away in $HOME/.lsm so you can modify it later,
then builds the form and emails it off to Jeff.

If you don't have (DLL Jump 4.4pl1), you'll have to relink the binary.
For this, I've provided the .o file (the complete source is WAY too big to
provide, as it's part of a C source code generation system), and a small
shell script called build-lsm.  You need to have ncurses and a decent termcap
or terminfo library.  I've provided the link library of routines that you'll
need in libedlib.a.  Just run the script and it will build lsm in the current

Other questions are answered in the lsm.8 manpage.


Q.      It dumps core!
A.      Try upgrading your version of ncurses.  Earlier versions had
        one or two bugs that would crash ncurses, and lsm exercises
        most curses packages quite a bit.  Also make sure that your
        termcap/terminfo entries are correct for your system - if you
        installed ncurses from Zeyd, you should be OK.

-- Insert shameless plug here --

The source code generation system, as well as the output, are licensable
from me, as well as the complete code generation system.  It's pretty easy
to use once you get the hang of it - I generated lsm in about 3 hours, custom
code included.  I'm still working on the documentation, though.

If you would like custom applications like this one, drop me email.  :)

--------------------------------- cut here -----------------------------------
35:PkgName    = lsm
35:Title      = Linux Software Map Data Entry
25:Version    = 1.0
65:Desc1      = This package automates the data entry needed for maintaining the
65:Desc2      = LSM.  It is used by individual contributors to automatically
65:Desc3      = generate and email the LSM to the LSM maintainer.  curses-based.
65:Author     = Ed Carp

65:MaintAt1   =
65:PathFile1  = lsm-1.0.tgz
65:MaintAt2   =
65:PathFile2  = lsm-1.0.tgz
65:Required1  = Binary requires (DLL Jump 4.4pl1).  To link the object,
65:Required2  = you need ncurses-1.8 and the termcap library.
65:Required3  =
65:CopyPolicy = Binary and object freely redistributable.  Copyright by Ed Carp
65:Keywords   = lsm data entry curses
15:ApproxSize = 70K
65:Last3Rel   = N/A
65:Comment1   = Source code is not released with this package - it is generated
65:Comment2   = automatically by a code generator and the libraries are quite
65:Comment3   = large).  Commercial source licensing is available.

 8:Date       = 04AUG93

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