Linux article in "Technolog", and a New Mosaic Info Server

Linux article in "Technolog", and a New Mosaic Info Server

Post by CB » Tue, 26 Apr 1994 02:20:26


I sat up another Linux Mosaic Info Server. It contains an article that
I wrote for a magazine called "Technolog" (March 1994 issue). The
University of Minnesota Institue of Technology Award-winning magazine.
Come check it out.

The main document shown on the server is the initial version, which
was more technical. The final published version is more geared toward
the general audience.

The server also contains a hypertext link to Matt Welsh's Linux Mosaic
Page on  And also, it has the Linus Torvald's
recording of how he says "Linux".

It's sitting on:
It is a computational biology mosaic site.

To get to my article directly, you could do:

If someone is interested, I can upload it to sunsite.

Future expansion of the server is expected.  :)


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