Sound Driver for Linux 0.99.11

Sound Driver for Linux 0.99.11

Post by Hannu Savolain » Sat, 10 Jul 1993 09:50:09

I have uploaded the version 1.0c of the sound driver to
There is no new features in this version. It just compiles with Linux

The driver is located at the directory pub/OS/Linux/xtra/snd-kit and the
file is snd-driv-1.0c.tar.gz (gzipped). There is also a diff against
version 1.0b in file snd-driv-1.0b-1.0c.diff (also at

The driver development is aproaching version 2.0 and it's time to start
the alpha test phase soon. This version will support GUS and MPU-401
(dumb uart mode) in addtion to the SB, SB Pro, AdLib and PAS16 supported
by the version 1.0c. SB 16 (ASP) will not be supported unless someone
writes the driver. In addition this version will support the OPL-3 chip
(4 OP modes).

If you are interested to join the alpha test team, please subscribe to
the SOUND channel. I will use it for the further announcements.

line containing:

X-Mn-Admin: join SOUND


Linux: Free OS for free citizens.



1. SLS 1.03 / Linux 0.99.11 Help / Upgrade?

Hiya there all!

I have obtained a very old copy of the SLS Linux Distribution.
I will upgrade shortly (more on that later) but I am having problems with
the installation as it stands.

Essentially it doesn't want to mount proc automatically.

As per the instructions I put "/proc /proc proc defaults" in the /etc/fstab
file (tab delimited) but the booting procedure misses this.
It mounts my /dev/hda7 alright (the root and user partition - I had trouble
making a seperate partition for /usr).

Now if I type "mount /proc /proc -t proc" at the root prompt I get the
thing loading and "ps" will then run.
"df" will also run but will not report back on my root partition.
It says it can't read the mount table. If I mount a floppy "df" will work.
All I want to do is see if I have enough room for Tiny-X?!!
What's the story?

O.K. That's the first and most important problem.
Now for the second. As my version of Linux is so old, I am asking for the
easiest and most economic way of using ftp / Fidonet / Floppynet to get
the required patches.

Would I be better off getting a more up-to-date complete installation?
I can see that I am going to have problems with this one as uucp doesn't
work as well. (I'm running UUCP for OS/2 at present to write this).
The installation didn't even create a uucppublic directory!
I haven't looked to find out whether anything else is wrong!
I don't want to know!

I don't mind the challenge of sorting it all out but I am a Unix beginner and
I feel I could be wasting a significant amount of time :-).

My machine for those of you who feel you might need to know this is a
486 DX33 with 4Mb of Ram, a 4Mb swap partition and 100Mb of Hard disk for
Linux to play with. I have a Colarado Jumbo 250 Tape Backup Unit and I see
from this newsgroup that there is source code for that.
I run a Zyxel 1496E 16800 Bps Modem with Voice capability and I also see that
there are drivers out for that as well.
I want to play with X-Windows and wouldn't mind getting into NFS, TCP-IP and
all that jazz at a later stage. I do need a UUCP feed and G++ now though.
(I want to do some porting of software to Linux).
I would like it to be as cheap as possible too. Don't want much do I? :-)

Are there any distributions that could do me justice on all points?
Well, how about some of these points? A few of these points? :-)

I don't need the full installation all at once - a sort of installment plan
would be nice on the wallet if things are getting expensive.

Actually, I don't care how you reply as long as you do! :-)

Chairs, Brett Davidson

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