suck-3.5.0 - pull news from remote NNTP server

suck-3.5.0 - pull news from remote NNTP server

Post by Robert A. Yetma » Sun, 25 May 1997 04:00:00


This is to announce the release of suck-3.5.0


MAJOR CHANGES FROM 3.4.1 -> 3.5.0
* New program - lmove, to put articles in news/group/number format.  See
        man pages for more details.  This is a separate program, that can
        be called by suck (-bl option).  The reason it is a separate program
        is so that if there are problems, you can rerun it without rerunning

* Due to lack of time by maintainer, there are no updated Italian
        documentations, the versions here are still 3.4.1 versions.

* Debug is now a runtime option (except for DEBUG1 for both.c). See -D
        option in man pages.

* Makefile now supports direct installation of foreign language man pages
        with install_Japanese, install_Italian, install_Spanish options.

* Suck now stores the article being downloaded into a tmp file, and renames
        it after a sucessful download.  

* Suck, on a restart, in addition to getting all old articles, will also
        scan for new articles and add them to the list.

* Fixed bug in do_supplemental() that caused a core dump and fixed a bad
        fprintf() in do_lockfile()

* Various tweaks and removal of code no longer needed.

The primary use for suck is to feed a local INN or CNEWS server, without
the remote NNTP feeding you articles.  It is designed for a small, partial
news feed.  It is NOT designed to feed 10,000 groups and 3 Gigs of articles
a day.

This package contains software for copying news from an NNTP server to your
local machine, and copying replies back up to an NNTP server.

Suck now has a web page - visit to
download the latest version or view the README file.  Comments welcome.

FTP Sites:
Site1        =
Path1        = /pub/Linux/system/news/transport
File1        = suck-3.5.0.tar.gz

Site2        =
Path2        = /pub/linux/sources/sbin
File2        = suck-3.5.0.tar.gz


for suck.  It is intended as a place to discuss problems, etc, plans, and

with the message text reading "subscribe suck-ml"

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