aXe 6.1 - simple X11 text editor

aXe 6.1 - simple X11 text editor

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   aXe-6.1-linux.tar.gz     Bins for aXe - simple X11 editor
   aXe-6.1-doc.tar.gz       documentation on aXe
   aXe-6.1.tar.gz           source for aXe

aXe is a simple to use text editor for X that represents a significant
improvement over xedit. Also built around the Athena Text Widget it
features, amongst other things,

   o multiple windows
   o multiple buffers
   o default menu interface
   o configurable menus
   o optional configurable button interface
   o minibuffer for expert use and access to external filters
   o provision for defining a keyboard macro
   o geometry specification and resizing in terms of characters
   o file selection via a browser
   o knowledge of line numbers
   o parenthesis matching
   o regular expression searching
   o restricted or unlimited undo
   o ability to change font
   o easy entry of control codes
   o xterm-like keymap feature
   o easy runtime setting of selected preferences (resources)
   o both brief and comprehensive (hypertext) on-line help
   o server mode with cooperating client programs
   o optional extension language using Tcl
   o optional Xaw3d widget set compatability
   o collection of reusable widgets that embody the functionality of aXe

Here is the LSM entry:

Title        = aXe 6.1 - source, Linux binaries, documentation
Version      = 6.1
Desc1        = axe is a simple to use text editor for X that represents a
Desc2        = significant improvement over xedit. Multiple windows,
Desc3        = multiple buffers, file selection via a browser, etc.
Desc4        = axinfo is a simple info file reader/browser.
Author       = Jim Wight

Maintainer   = Jim Wight

Site1        =
Path1        = /pub/Linux/X11/xapps/editors/
File1        = aXe-6.1.tar.gz
FileSize1    = 362021
Site2        =
Path2        = /pub/Linux/X11/xapps/editors/
File2        = aXe-6.1-linux.tar.gz
FileSize2    = 118759
Site3        =
Path3        = /pub/Linux/X11/xapps/editors/
File3        = aXe-6.1-doc.tar.gz
FileSize3    = 135447
Required1    = Linux, X11R5 (e.g. XFree86),
Required2    =,,,
Required3    = or newer.
CopyPolicy1  = Free software, BSD-like copyright.
Keywords     = X11, editor, info, browser
Comment1     = aXe-6.1.tar.gz          source for the aXe-6.1 editor
Comment2     = aXe-6.1-linux.tar.gz    binaries for the aXe-6.1 editor
Comment3     = aXe-6.1-doc.tar.gz      user manual for the aXe-6.1 editor
Comment4     = (user manual already included in the source)

                    Bruno Haible


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1. Xcoral-3.0 - text editor for X11


        Xcoral-3.0 has been released and now available on the Net.

        EUROPE: (X/contrib-R5/clients).
        USA: (contrib/editors)

        Summary :
        -Xcoral is a multiwindow  mouse-based text editor for
        the X Window System.
        -A built-in browser enables you to navigate through
        C functions,C++ classes, Java classes, methods and files.
        -A SMall Ansi C Interpreter (Smac) is also built-in
        to dynamically extend the editor's possibilities
        (user functions, key bindings, modes etc).
        -Xcoral provides variable width  fonts, menus, toolbar,
        scrollbars, buttons, search, regions, kill-buffers, macros and
        undo. An on-line manual box, with a table of contents
        and an index, helps you to use and customize the editor.
        -Xcoral also offers facilities to write Latex documents
        and Html pages.
        -Commands are accessible from menus or  key bindings.
        -Xcoral is a direct Xlib client and runs on color/bw
        X Display.

        And also:

        -Color syntax C/C++/Java mode with auto-indent.
        -Mode Latex with auto-indent and colors.
        -Mode edir (edit directory).
        -Mode Html.
        -RCS interface.
        -Unix cmd (make, grep etc) from the editor.

        OS :SunOS 4.1.x, Solaris 2.[45], LINUX, AIX, HPUX,
            IRIX and OSF-1.

        Changes from xcoral-2.5:
                New browser for C/C++ and Java.
                Standard X selection mecanism.
                Some bugs fixed...


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