Wine (Windows emulation) project mailing list

Wine (Windows emulation) project mailing list

Post by Bob Amsta » Sat, 18 Sep 1993 08:39:12

As many of you already know, we are in the process of creating a Windows
emulator.  This emulator is similar to Sun's Wabi product, but is being
developed completely independent of them.  Many of you are anxious to
hear the latest status of the project.  I have created a mailing list
for those of you.  To join the list, simply send mail to:

If your mailing address is not easy to deduce from the mail headers,
then place the following line in the body of the message that you send.

Bob Amstadt



1. Wine,wine,wine - I need help with wine

I down loaded and installed Wine to Linux 2.0.22 and Xwindows (XFree).
I think it's installed correctly.  I am getting a 'drive not found/path
not found' error.  I have my wine.conf in the right place (I think).
I'm using Win95 and hda3 and Linux on hda1.  I need a reality check.  Is
it hard to set up Wine?  Does someone have a working wine.conf file that
might guide me to a working wine.   Wine,wine,wine and beer. Ok I'll
stop wineing



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