3c503, NE2000, etc. ethercard drivers are now available.

3c503, NE2000, etc. ethercard drivers are now available.

Post by Donald J. Beck » Sat, 23 Jan 1993 05:44:01

My "8390" Linux ethercard drivers are now available from usra.edu and
super.org in ~ftp/pub/linux/ethercards/*.  They'll be at tsx-11 and
sunsite RSN.

These drivers support all common 8390-based ethernet boards.  Currently
"common" is defined as:

        3Com Products:
*       3Com 3c503      Board loaned by Chance Reschke, USRA.edu (thanks!)
        3Com 3c503/16   and excellent documentation provided by 3Com.

        NE1000          Novell and Eagle are useless for documentation,
*       NE2000          but copied the designs directly from NatSemi;->.
*       Alta Combo(NE2000 clone)
        Aritsoft LANtastic AE-2 (NE2000 clone w/ extra memory)
        D-Link Ethernet II

        Cabletron products:
        E1010           No ID PROM and sketchy info from Ctron means you'll
        E1010-x         have to compile-in information about your board.

        WD/SMC products
*       WD8013          Board loaned by Russ Nelson, Crynwr Software.  Thanks!

* I've seen it work myself!

There is support for the following boards, but since I've only been
able to borrow a thinnet of an HP ethercard I haven't been able to test it:

        HP LAN adaptors
**      HP27245
**      HP27247
**      HP27250

If your 8390-based ethercard isn't on this list please send me email
and, if possible, documentation and an evaluation board.


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17100 Science Drive, Bowie MD 21114                301-805-7482