COMMERCIAL: Ceres SoundStudio 1.5 available

COMMERCIAL: Ceres SoundStudio 1.5 available

Post by Patrick Voig » Mon, 10 Mar 1997 04:00:00


Ceres Software announces the availability of Ceres SoundStudio 1.5 for
Linux (Intel). It is a multi-track recorder, mixer and effect module.

New features since version 1.0:

  - full duplex audio (simultaneous recording and playback) possible
  - supports SUN AU file format

Free update for customers of SoundStudio 1.0.
For more information and demo versions check out:

Patrick Voigt
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Linux developer
Ceres Software

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1. Ceres Soundstudio Beta2 available


  I just uploaded a new version of the Ceres Soundstudio to /pub/Linux/Incomingsoundstudio.beta2.tgz.

  Ceres Soundstudio is a multi-track wave file recorder, player and

changes from beta1 to beta2:

  - fixed playback/record bug which occured on some sound cards
  - other minor bug fixes
  - now up to 16 tracks per wave file possible
  - pause button works now for playback
  - there's an application defaults file now
  - a binary dynamically linked with Motif is also available

Thank you for your interest.

Patrick Voigt

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