gloe.0.5 Motif based Text editor release.

gloe.0.5 Motif based Text editor release.

Post by gob.. » Tue, 24 Jan 1995 22:59:32

Announcing gloe release 0.5.

gloe is a relatively simple Motif based text editor.

It is young and lacking features.
However its main aim is ease of use.
Hopefully the interface is quite intuitive to use.
Features will gradually be added.

I've included the lsm file for it below:

Title: gloe        
Version: 0.5      
Entered-date: 12/1/95  
Description: A simple Motif/X based text editor.    
Keywords: gloe Motif X based text editor.      

Primary-site: /pub/Linux/Incoming
              46kB gloe.0.5.tar.gz
              947B gloe.0.5.README
Copying-policy: GPL

        Given the youthfull nature of gloe I would strongly advise
using the backup facilities it offers. You can get it to backup a file before
each overwrite and also to periodically save a copy of the work you are editing.

                Have fun


PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.