Release of mkdosfs utility (version 0.1)

Release of mkdosfs utility (version 0.1)

Post by d.. » Fri, 03 Sep 1993 12:25:09

Announcing the release of mkdosfs version 0.1

I've just uploaded mkdosfs to  It works in a similar way
to Remy Card's mke2fs, but creates an MS-DOS file system.

The filename is mkdosfs-0.1.tar.gz.

The archive contains a manual page, binary and source versions.

This is very much an ALPHA release, as I've only had limited opportunity to
test things.  I don't know of any bugs, but you have been warned!  If you do
find a bug or have any constructive comments, please mail me!

Dave Hudson



1. NIST Switch version 0.1 released

This is to announce the release of the preliminary version 0.1 of our
multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) research platform, NIST Switch.
NIST Switch implements quality of service and explicit routing through
label switching.  It uses proposed extensions to RSVP to signal QoS
requests and distribute labels.

NIST Switch implements functionality described in a number of Internet

draft-ietf-mpls-arch-05.txt - MPLS architecture
draft-ietf-mpls-label-encaps-04.txt - Label stack encoding
draft-ietf-mpls-rsvp-00.txt - RSVP-mediated label exchange
draft-rosen-mpls-lan-encaps-00.txt - "Shim" LAN label encapsulation
draft-srinivasan-mpls-lans-label-00.txt - "MAC" LAN label encapsulation
        (receive only)

NIST Switch runs over Ethernet (10Mb and 100Mb), with ATM support coming
soon (currently under test).  It is based on commodity PC hardware
running on freely-available operating systems (initially, FreeBSD 2.2.6;
FreeBSD 3.X and Linux 2.2.X versions to come).

As an experimental platform, NIST Switch is designed to be easily
altered.  Each of its key components (queueing algorithms, label
databases and distribution, routing algorithms, device support routines,
QoS policies) are independently configurable modules which are readily

NIST Switch is free, public domain code.  (More precisely, while our
implementation is public domain, it is based in part on other code which
is covered by BSD-style copyrights.)

For more information, and access to the NIST Switch source code and
documentation, see the NIST Switch web site at

or send email to


Department of Computer Science   University of Maryland, College Park -or-
NIST            Bldg 820 Room 455       Gaithersburg MD 20899

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