COMMERCIAL/WANTED: A business case for SoftWindows 95 for Linux ?

COMMERCIAL/WANTED: A business case for SoftWindows 95 for Linux ?

Post by Harald Mil » Wed, 26 Aug 1998 04:00:00


Folks, this is a transcript of a message from an internal IBM Linux
forum. Yes, there are _some_ folks at IBM playing with Linux (like me
for example).

A fellow IBMer phoned Insignia customer service and spoke with "Kyle". He
inquired about a possible Linux port. He was told that they are talking
to Red Hat and have two different port methodologies - an easy one/poor
performance and a *e/good performance.

They are currently "TRACKING REQUESTS" to customer service to determine
market size.  Everyone who has a real business case for or is otherwise
seriously interested in a native Linux port is encouraged to email

a) request a port be made,

b) (important!) identify sound business reasons why you want it and why
it would be a good strategic move, and

c) TELL THEM THAT YOU WOULD PAY $$$ FOR IT (as they are concerned that
nobody wants to pay for products on a freeware system).

Try citing examples like Wabi purchases and explain that we are running
out of 16bit code, and Corel WordPerfect Linux/7 from Corel/Software
Development Corporation.

Encourage this to be sent out to the public at large so all people who
are really interested in a native port can write Insignia. This port would
be the single most effective method of increasing Linux market share. We
can have native apps later - right now we need to run everybody else's
W95 apps.

This could be what we have been waiting for!!!!!!

Don't get me wrong: IBM does (still) not support Linux officially. Do
not ask IBM marketing or sales. It's just that there is a community of
Linux geeks who are fond of their (our!) free OS! If you are an IBMer and
want to join the forum, check the internal newsgroup ibm.ibmunix.linux
or LINUX FORUM on IBMUNIX (which has been active since Nov 1992).

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