newspak1.1 uploaded to

newspak1.1 uploaded to

Post by Vince Skah » Sun, 13 Dec 1992 02:08:05

I've uploaded newspak1.1 to where it's currently
sitting in /pub/Linux/Incoming/newspak...the ultimate location will
probably be in /pub/Linux/System/news when it gets moved eventually.

For those who don't know, newspak is an assembled set of news software
for Linux thanks to the fine work of many (!) c.o.l. folks whose efforts
are greatly appreciated:

        - cnews 12/22/91 patchdate
        - tin1.1-pl4
        - trn2.2
        - nn6.4-pl18

But wait...there's more!

Also included is my recompiled elm2.3.11 from mailpak1.3 (recompiled to
have domainized headers) and smail3.1.28 (to replace the mailpak1.3
custom mailer). Users of 'mailpak' whose systems are not domainized
have no reason to grab the elm/smail parts probably.

Major changes since v1.0:
        - recompiled with jump tables 4.1 and gcc2.2.2d7 from SLS0.98-5
        - nn patched up to current level
        - binary-only (for now) in format that should let you stick
                the 'news' stuff on a disk and use SLS's sysinstall
                program (or just cd / and tar -zxpvf)
        - recompiled elm2.3.11 tossed in for the heck of it.
        - paths match up with SLS's path structure.

        - currently binary-only until I get reports of problems
                (or lack thereof I hope), after which I'll upload
                the sources too for those who have a religious need
                to type 'make' :-)

Special note:
        - news/mail systems absolutely need to be customized to match
                your system setup.  Look in the README.linux file(s)
                for what you need to tweak...basically you'll need to
                define your localhost name and domain, then everything
                else is normal (set up the sys/active files, initialize
                the 'nn' database, etc.).

Notes for newspak1.0 users:
        - you don't really need this unless you want to get nn patched

About patchlevels:
        - I'm well aware that elm2.4 is out and that tin1.1 is up to
                about patch 8 (and that nn patch 19 is coming soon).
                I'll update them after the new patches appear and the
                versions appear to stabilize again...

        - please let me know.  The intent is to get this stuff added
                to SLS if the binary distribution works as well as
                a source-based distribution does.

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