ANNOUNCE: linux 0.99 patchlevel 8 available

ANNOUNCE: linux 0.99 patchlevel 8 available

Post by Linus Torval » Sat, 10 Apr 1993 23:45:07

Yet another kernel release is now available on in the usual
place (pub/OS/Linux/PEOPLE/Linus for those of you that have already
forgotten), and will probably show up on the other ftp-sites within a
day or two.  There are two new files:

  linux-0.99.8.tar.z - the full gzipped and tarred source-tree of the
        linux kernel.

  linux-0.99.patch8.z - unified diffs against the last official release

There is no SLIP or new networking routines in this kernel despite the
rumors that have been flying around - the main changes to 0.99.7 are
(some of them were in 0.99pl7A as well):

 - the signal handling code has been extensively reworked, and should be
   POSIX as well as clean.
 - dosfs is upgraded to version 12 (Werner Almesberger)
 - xiafs is upgraded to the latest version (Qi Xia)
 - ext2fs is upgraded to the latest version (Remy Card/Stephen Tweedie)
 - FPU-emulation patches for v86 mode and precision rounding (Bill
 - SCSI patches by various people (Eric Youngdale & co)
 - XT harddisk support (Pat Mackinlay)
 - new trial code to try to handle 387 lockups on some systems more
 - keyboard, lp and serial driver fixes
 - various minor changes (mounting root read-only, bootup messages
   cleaned up etc)

As always, comments/bugs etc are encouraged,




1. ANNOUNCE: linux version 0.99 patchlevel 4

As you can see, I'm back to the old "once or twice a week" kernel
version cycle.  The reason is the existence of some silly bugs in pl3
that don't always show up, but can lock up your machine or result in
other weird errors (parse errors in gcc etc).  It depends on your
hardware setup - specifically what kinds of interrupts your motherboard
sends, so I (and many others) actually never saw it.

0.99pl4 is a small diff (1300 lines of diff - and it sounds more than it
actually is), and contains only bug-fixes.  The changes are:

 - include/asm/irq.h: fix the irq handling bug by adding a missing
   initialization of a segment register.
 - console redirection bug fixed
 - Makefile fixes
 - support for more than 64 tasks - it was there before, but the GDT
   overflowed with NR_TASKS more than about 120..
 - ptrace() - the bogus ESRCH bug is corrected (fix by Branko Lankester?
   Hope I haven't messed up the attributions *again*).
 - flock() support by adding two new ioctl() values - hlu.
 - seagate.c patches (Eric Youngdale) to fix the problem with some disks
   off the ST-0x controller.
 - tcp/ip volatile fixes (sorry - lost the attribution)
 - remount patches by almesber

I'm getting happier about the kernel again - but I have got several
comments on the line "I'll wait for 1.0", so I'm starting to think I
won't get 0.99 debugged due to lack of tester interest.  I guess I
should have thrown out 1.0 totally unexpectedly instead of warning about
it.  I can only repeat my plea for people trying it out: if you don't
try it out (or don't report problems to me), you may find that 1.0 won't
work for you...  Also, if you find that pl4 doesn't fix a bug that you
already reported, please take the time to report it again by mailing me.
Otherwise I'll probably assume that I found them all.

And, in case you can't remember, pl4 is naturally available both as full
source and diffs against pl3 at pub/OS/Linux/PEOPLE/Linus,
and will also probably show up at the other major sites within a day or


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