COMMERCIAL: Press Release--Critical Mass CM3, cross-platform compiler and run-time library

COMMERCIAL: Press Release--Critical Mass CM3, cross-platform compiler and run-time library

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (April 15, 1997) -- Critical Mass, Inc., the maker of
Reactor distributed application development system, today released
CM3, its cross-platform compiler and run-time library as a standalone
product. CM3 compiles programs directly into native object format
on Unix and Microsoft Windows platforms without the need of
pre-processor-based #ifdefs, or bytecode interpretation.

Using a familiar, Pascal-like syntax, programs can take advantage of
platform-independent, built-in support for threading, high-performance
memory management, and portable exception handling facilities to
eliminate major causes of problems in software development. CM3 also
eliminates the need for elaborate and system-dependent makefiles.
Finally, CM3 also allows tight binding with legacy C code. All these
features make CM3 an ideal tool for serious systems programming tasks.

CM3 version 4.1.1 is now available for Unix and Windows platforms:
SunOS, Solaris, Windows NT/Intel, Windows 95, HP/UX, SGI IRIX,
Linux/ELF on Intel, and Digital Unix on Alpha/AXP. For additional
information, or to download an evaluation copy, contact Critical Mass,

Critical Mass, Inc.

Critical Mass, Inc. is a privately held corporation with headquarters
in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.  Building on more than ten years of
world-class research and development in the area of distributed
systems, Critical Mass aims to provide the most reliable, usable
distributed application tools in the industry.

Farshad Nayeri
Critical Mass, Inc.
+1 617 354 6277

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Get in on the ground floor of an open source project.

See for a description of OpenPlay.

Interested parties should join the OpenPlay mailing list

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