New: The Linux Quarterly CDROM, Spring '94 (Kernel: 1.1.1 Xfree 2.1.1)

New: The Linux Quarterly CDROM, Spring '94 (Kernel: 1.1.1 Xfree 2.1.1)

Post by Michael R. Johnst » Sun, 15 May 1994 07:09:33

            Morse Telecommunication, Inc. is please to announce
                         The Linux Quarterly CDROM
                               Spring, 1994

Some of the highlights and new additions to this CDROM include:

* Over 640 Megabytes of Linux binaries, source code and documentation
  organized for easy reference and use.

* Linux Kernel version 1.0, and Beta kernels through version 1.1.12

* A *NEW* Microsoft Windows(tm) user interface designed for first-time Linux
  users. Features include:
        - A documentation browser and keyword search function to help
          you wade through all the online documentation.
        - A disk creation subsystem which creates the root and/or boot
          disks to install Linux on your machine.

* Install Linux directly from the CDROM. Support is built in for the UMSDOS
  filesystem. You can now install and run Linux straight from your MSDOS

* TSX-11.MIT.EDU's Linux archives

* PREP.AI.MIT.EDU's complete GNU archives

* SLS 1.05 w/Modularized kernel

* Slackware 1.2

* Debian .91

* MCC 1.0+

* Xfree86 Versions *2.1.1* , 2.1.0 and 2.0

* A snapshot of the Wine Project (MS Windows(tm) Emulator)

* Linux PPP version 0.2.1

* 90 Days of Technical Support is now included

The Linux Quarterly CDROM, Spring, 1994 is available for $29.95 plus
shipping and handling. Existing customers may upgrade for $22.95.
As always, annual subscriptions, which bring you four CD's, are available
for $79.95.

To place an order, call (800) 60 MORSE. Orders may also be faxed to
(516) 889-8665. Additionally, we will accept orders via email. Please

We offer a 30 day unconditional return policy on this CDROM. If you are
unhappy with it for any reason at all, simply return it to us for a full

The complete contents of this CDROM are far to large to post to the network.

daemon will send back the file listing.

A copy of the artwork for this issue, along with the contents of the CD and
this posting are available on:*ts/TLQ-Spring.tar.z

The artwork is a 256 color JPEG file which can be viewed with most
versions of XV and Xloadimage, among others.

                    ** General Linux Information ***

Linux is a freely redistributable version of the Unix(tm) Operating System
which runs on 80386 and 80486 PC Compatible machines. This software is
a full version of Unix which contains all the standard utilities and more:

        TCP/IP, SLIP Networking
        C and C++ Compilers and other development tools
        Various Language Translators
        UUCP and Usenet Software
        Several popular editors including GNU Emacs.
        X Windows system, including OpenWindows, Xview
        DOS Emulator    

Unless explicitly stated to the contrary, all of Linux is copylefted under
the GNU Public License (GPL). SLS extensions are copyrighted by Softlanding
Systems. You may not claim any part of Linux as your own. This assures
that future users of Linux will be able to obtain it as freely in the same
way that you can.


For your convenience, we accept the following methods of payment:

        Visa/Mastercard/American Express
        Personal Check  
        Bank money order
        COD cash or cashiers check (COD charge is an additional $4.50)

We may, at our descretion, hold personal checks for as long as 10
business days to allow them to clear.

For credit card or COD orders please call us, toll-free, at 800-60MORSE

may prepay your order by mailing a check to the address below.

        Morse Telecommunication, Inc.
        26 East Park Avenue, Suite 240
        Long Beach, NY 11561

        Orders: 800 60 MORSE
        Inquiries: (516) 889-8500
        Tech Support: (516) 889-8610
        Fax: (516) 889-8665


Michael R. Johnston      

Morse Telecommunications  

Michael R. Johnston      

Morse Telecommunications  


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