Call for Internationalization Volunteers.

Call for Internationalization Volunteers.

Post by Mitchum DSouz » Wed, 15 Dec 1993 22:58:51

This is a call for volunteers to Internationalize the new upcoming libc.

In an effort to push Linux further and to the farthest corners of the globe=
you may know (if you follow the GCC channel) that the standard C library,
(yet to be released), has now been internationalized. This means anyone is
able to produce the standard system messages in the language of their choic=
(with the appropriate catalog of course) or to change them in any shape or

For English speakers no catalog is required and defaults to the standard
english messages if no catalog or a corrupt catalog is found.

For standard Linux distributions (SLS, Debian, Slackware, MCC etc...) the
appropriate language catalog may be dispatched depending on the country
of distribution.

Since the catalogs will accept all supported charsets, then the standard AN=
sequences are also available. This means for those who are into this kind o=
thing, color'ed messages are also feasable.=20

The catalog generator has been uploaded to:

The catalog generator is NOT libc specific. It can, for example, generate
message catalogs for ELM-24 and other software which supports

Please upload finished catalogs to
=09Filename:=09<language>.cat (e.g.,

Thanx are due to Erik Troan and all the sunsite maintainers for this servic=

You are welcome to put up fun/color/jive messages should that take your fan=

***********************[ Type of person sought ]***************************=

You should be fairly fluent in the language of choice and have some technic=
understanding of the system messages to provide accurate translations.

Full README and walk-through's are provided.

Once you have retrieved cat-pack, for a fast demo (and if you are german):
(You must have and above - TO BE RELEASED)

=09% tar xfz cat-pack.tar.gz
=09% cd cat-pack
=09% make german
=09% setenv NLSPATH `pwd`/
=09% touch /

As a normal user that should give you "Permission Denied" in German. If the
catalog is installed in the default location then there is no need to set
NLSPATH environment variable.

The cataloging functions are now included as standard in `libc' and one
hopes that this encourages software developers to broaden their view and
provide international software in this brave new world.


P.S. It seems that at some time in the future Linux will support UNICODE/IS=
10646 which may be in X11R6 and is currently in inferior systems like
MS-Windoze No-Thanks :-) This basically will open up the world to Linux.


PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.


1. Call for Internationalization Volunteers.

The word internationalized is used in many senses, I gather.  Which one
is meant here?  Not all languages are written left-to-right.  Some go up-
down; others go right-left.  True internationalization would mean accom-
modating these languages.  In other cases, the script is ligatured and
also often diacritized, as in, say, Arabic.  Finally, some languages have
so many characters that it's impossible to do them any other way than
with long characters, such as the ISO 10646 standard (I believe this one
is a 32-bit standard).  Until all of these things are supported, there is
not really internationalization.  To what extent is the internationaliza-
tion you are talking about really internationalization?

I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of the libc implementation.  I
am just a linguist lurking online, trying to keep engineering types hon-
est!  :-)


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