FAQ. X11. Getting and Setting Up the XS3 server.

FAQ. X11. Getting and Setting Up the XS3 server.

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  somehow.  Sorry if you see it twice.  --liw ]

If you have questions related to using XS3 on linux send email to

in general consult the appropriate FAQ or man page.
The following information is from Jon.

XS3 lives on ftp.robots.ox.ac.uk (pub/linux/S3), the server runs
well on most non-Diamond S3 cards and support the 911, 924 and 801 S3
chipsets.  Some 924 users have reported lockup problems with the
server, but generally the server is as robust as XFree86.

For a comparison of speeds the various chipsets score about the
following xstones.

ET4000           6k
s3911           34k
s3924           45k
s3801           66k

XS3 is not (yet) based on XFree86, therefore you must not use the Xconfig
supplied with the XFree86 release, nor can you use compressed fonts.

To install XS3, first install the latest Xfree86 release, then uncompress
the fonts:

# cd /usr/X386/lib/X11/fonts
# uncompress */*.Z
# mkfontdir *

And place a XS3 Xconfig in /usr/X386/lib/X11:
# cp Xconfig.f1280 /usr/X386/lib/X11/Xconfig

edit the mouse and modeDB sections of the Xconfig following the instructions
with XFree86.
# edit /usr/X386/lib/X11/Xconfig                #...

then make /usr/X386/bin/X a symbolic link to the setuid root XS3 server:

# chown root /usr/X386/bin/XS3
# chmod u+s /usr/X386/bin/XS3
# ln -fs /usr/X386/bin/XS3 /usr/X386/bin/X

Hopefully now all that remains is:
# startx

If the server fails to run, check the error messages it gives when starting.

Eventually XS3 will be combined into XFree86 and much of this will disapear,
there is a Alpha XFree86 binary on ftp.robots.ox.ac.uk with S3 support, for
now this can be used to find the dot clock frequencies of your card.


1. Xs3 Server can't set font path (Yggdrasil LGX Fall 1993)


I'm trying to help a friend install his Linux system.  He's got the
Yggdrasil LGX Fall 1993 CD with a 0.99.13 kernel (yes, I know that's
not the very latest).  And he also got the infamous Diamond Stealth

I've followed the discussions in this group for quite a while but our
problem seems to be of a different kind.  Maybe I should have looked
for an archive that carries last year's news.  ;-)

When we start the /usr/bin/Xs3 server (linked as /var/xconfig/Xserver)
it complains about

    X386 Version 1.2 / X Windows System [linux S3-0.4 alpha]
    failed to set default font path '/usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc'

That's the path I defined in /var/config/Xconfig, but every other path
(including the built in default) is also rejected.

/usr/lib/X11 is linked to the CD, so the directory should be OK.
And the XF86_Mono driver (which doesn't work with his graphics card,
of course) is quit happy with the font path, too:

    XFree86 Version 1.3 / X Windows System
    FontPath set to '/usr/lib/X11/fonts/misc'

So I thought: "Well, let's grab the newest S3 driver from the Net and
see if that works."  There's a sunsite mirror on tu-muenchen.de and it
has a
package which also doesn't support Diamond boards, but that's the best
I could find.
I've also got
to replace the freq program which comes with the CD.

Did it work?  No way!  We cannot even load it, cause it says

    can't load dynamic linker '/lib/ld.so'

and there's no ld.so anywhere on that CD!?

That's the end of the story, so far.  Here's my shopping list:

Is there a S3 driver that works with Yggdrasil LGX Fall 1993?
Preferably one that can be persuaded to support the Diamond Stealth.

Can we simply install /lib/ld.so on Yggdrasil LGX Fall 1993, or would
we have to build a whole new kernel?  And where can we get it?

Should my friend dump the Yggdrasil LGX Fall 1993 and get a more
up-to-date distribution?  Maybe that would save him some other
trouble, too.

Thanks for any suggestions


PS: If you think our problem is not so interesting for the other
    bazillion people on this group, send your mail directly to my
                                 Stephan Wacker

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