Small threads library uploaded to

Small threads library uploaded to

Post by Stephen Cra » Thu, 19 Aug 1993 22:53:35

I think this says it all:

35:PkgName    =lwp-0.1-tar.gz
35:Title      =Rex threads library
25:Version    =0.1
65:Desc1      =A small portable lightweight process library for sun[34],
65:Desc2      =mips-ultrix, 386bsd and *Linux*.
65:Desc3      =

65:MaintBy    =as above
65:PathFile1  =/pub/rex/lwp.tar.gz
65:PathFile2  =??
65:Required1  =gcc-1.40+ or gcc-2.[234].  gnu make-3.6x.  sunos-4.x or
65:Required2  =ultrix-4?, 386bsd-??, Linux-0.99
65:Required3  =
65:CopyPolicy =GNU Copyleft
65:Keywords   =Threads, Lightweight processes.
15:ApproxSize =19k
65:Last3Rel   =0.1
65:Comment1   =
65:Comment2   =
65:Comment3   =
30:CheckedBy  =Stephen Crane
 8:Date       =17AUG93
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1. sendmail5.67b+IDA1.5 binaries uploaded to

Sick of smail3.1.28 and the darn 'directors/routers/etc.' files ?

I've uploaded a binary distribution of the current version of
sendmail5.67b+IDA1.5 to  

This .tar.gz file also includes the following:

        - 'lmail' as a local delivery agent from Rich Braun's
                past (fine) work with an older version of

        - 'mailx5.3b' from Ian Jackson's past work so that you
                have a user agent to test your delivery agent
                with :-)

Also included are the pertinent docs from the IDA sources and
example tables, etc.  

If you're running any version of sendmail+IDA older than
5.67b+IDA1.5, you probably should upgrade to this version
since it fixes some significant security holes in sendmail.


        Jackson (Michael, Jesse, pick one...), Trump, Bobbitt, Limbaugh
        Harding, Gillooly, Chung, Rather

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