COMMERCIAL: Sydney: EMPRESS for Linux (database)

COMMERCIAL: Sydney: EMPRESS for Linux (database)

Post by Daniel Cad » Sun, 02 Jul 1995 04:00:00

ESI Empress Australia has released a Linux edition of its Empress
database. It is available in single- and multi-user versions.

Personal Empress for Linux is a standalone, single-user RDBMS development
environment. The Linux release is based on the full function version 6.6
of Empress and has been tailored for use as a single user system. It
includes RDBMS with Embedded, Interactive and Dynamic SQL, Host Language
"C" interfaces, Database Server, Report Generator, Database Utilities,
4GL with Application Generator, GUI Builder for Motif, GUI "C" API, ODBC
Interface and documentation on CD-ROM.

The multi-user version is configured for four users.
Prices are:-
Single-user development $A199.00
Single-user runtime $A149.00
Multi-user development $A299.00
Multi-user runtime $A199.00
Local support is in place.

The full version of Empress is being used by :-
Bureau of Meteorology
Environmental Protection Authority
The Ricegrowers Co-operative
Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, New Zealand.

Details from :-
Otto Kiow,
ESI Empress Australia
phone : 02-283-4855
fax : 02-283-4090


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