Sac version 1.5 - system accounting tool

Sac version 1.5 - system accounting tool

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  I have released sac version 1.5 to sunsite and mama.  You should be able
to find it at these places (on sunsite when it's available):               ???

  Sac is a system administration utility, based on the original BSD "ac"
program, to read the wtmp log and produce more human readable system usage
information than provided by last.  Many features not found in the BSD
version of this program have been added.  Sac has many features usefull for
ISP's providing usage based access.

  The most major change is support for Radius detail files, and support for
all versions of Tacacs between 3.4 and 4.0.  The argument processing has also
been improved to allow merging of accounting info from tacacs, radius and
system logs into one accounting. The addition of a "raw" output format which
prints almost everything sac knows about your accounting files, to
facilitate its use as an accounting or usage graphing backend. And several
bug fixes (mostly to the -t option).

  Here are the changes from 1.4:

Version 1.5
  - Changed the way sac handles -w so that it works simular to -R so you
    may specify multiple wtmp's (or radius detail files).  The type of wtmp
    file or radius file is determined by its position in the command line.
  - Added -r option to sac to output "raw" output.  Prints about everything
    sac knows about your wtmp.  Quite verbose.  Usefull for a backend to
    a graphics filter or accounting package.
  - Small fix to fix daylight savings time that broke for Brazil, possibly
  - Added --version option to sac.
  - Displays # of hours used for each hour in the hourly profile display.
  - Fixed -t option when used with -s and/or -e options.
  - Added some argument processing sanity checks.
  - Fixed hourly profile output I broke in 1.4.
  - Fixed -t option which would report incorrect times when using an old wtmp
  - Added support for tacacs 4.x utmp format with -X4 option.  3.4 - 3.5
    format is the default with -X3 or just -X.
  - Made output of -am report only # of logins that are applied to total
  - Added radius support with -R [portmaster-name [portmaster-name [...]]].
    The radius accounting directory is compile time definable in the
  - Rawtmp: added -X[3|4] and --version options.

                                                                - Steve

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