ANNOUNCE: octave-0.66 re-uploaded at

ANNOUNCE: octave-0.66 re-uploaded at

Post by F.F. Y » Wed, 10 Feb 1993 01:49:49

I have re-uploaded the octave-0.66 binary in The original upload was accidentally deleted by the system administrator at
sunsite last week. This new binary is smaller and runs faster than the previous
one because I remembered to switch on optimisation during compilation this
Briefly, OCTAVE is a freely distributable Matlab clone for doing numerical
analysis. It is written by John Eaton, and the full source code is available
by anonymous ftp from . It is still in ALPHA
testing, but is already pretty good.



1. ANNOUNCE: Version 0.2 of uploaded to

I have uploaded V0.2 of the jumptable graphics library to

Changes with respect to V0.1:
  Tiff lib V3.2 BETA instead of V3.0
  Jpeg lib V3c instead of V3
  Fbm lib added.
  Made some changes to fit GCC 2.3

  There are new binaries for cjpeg, djpeg, urt-3.1b, xv,
  Image Magick 2.2, and the fbm-utilities.

  I also uploaded some diffs.

  The changes to the jpeg lib break all binaries using the routines of
  jpeg V3. When used with jumplib V0.2 they will be aborted with a
  message telling you to recompile. I have uploaded all binaries that
  I have that rely on jpeg into the same directory on sunsite: if you
  don't feel like recompiling yourself, you can try my versions.

  All binaries as well as the lib were compiled using the
  testing GCC 2.3.2. This could break when programs are used with
  an old kernel without a coprocessor.
Rob W.W. Hooft,  Department of crystal and structural chemistry
Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research, University of Utrecht

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6. ANNOUNCE: PINE 3.05 is on and

7. PPP to ISP on OS 3

8. PPP version 2.2.0d uploaded to

9. xlispstat uploaded to

10. newspak1.1 uploaded to

11. GCC 2.4.3 i486 binaries uploaded to

12. Small threads library uploaded to