Mouse Diagnostic Program

Mouse Diagnostic Program

Post by Paul Gortmake » Tue, 13 Apr 1993 02:05:49

        I have uploaded "mouse" to sunsite, in Incoming. This is the
original program used to test mouse functionality by H.J and obz.

(It needed a minor fix to compile under 0.99p7/pre8, as it had not
been touched since circa 0.96 and was looking for some ancient library.)

        There is also a man page included with this distribution.

The relevant files are:
                                mouse.tar.z     (gzip)

Here's the readme:


This program tests your mouse functionality without having to have X11
up and running. It is compiled with gcc 2.3.3 and libc-4.3.3. If you
have not upgraded to libc-4.3.3 yet, you will have to rebuild it.
Type "make clean;make" in this directory to rebuild it.

This program/source usually resides in /usr/X386/tst/

provided by hlu, modified by obz.

Patched for 0.99p7/pre8 and man page by Paul Gortmaker.


Paul Gortmaker

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    GPO Box 2476V, Melbourne 3001,              
    Victoria, Australia.




I know that the two SCSI command : SEND DIAGNOSTIC and
RECEIVE DIAGNOSTIC RESULT can be used for some advanced features. I know
how to send the command but I don't know how to pass the diagnostic

A SEND DIAGNOSTIC command has a PF bit and a parameter list length field
to specify the page format and the length in bytes of the parameter
list. But how to pass the parameter/page ?
where is the parameter list? I am now trying to use the
TRANSLATE ADDRESS PAGE , would anyone explain to me how to use it or
give me a simple example for that ?


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