dmsdos 0.8.0a - compressed dos/win95 filesystems

dmsdos 0.8.0a - compressed dos/win95 filesystems

Post by Frank Gock » Fri, 28 Mar 1997 04:00:00


The dmsdos filesystem version 0.8.0a has just been released.

The dmsdos filesystem lets you read from and write to the following
compressed dos/win95 filesystems:

        - dos 6.0/6.2 doublespace
        - dos 6.22 drivespace
        - win95 doublespace/drivespace
        - win95 drivespace 3 (with some restrictions - no "Ultra"
        - stacker 3 (with some restrictions - write access without
        - stacker 4

Version 0.8.0a has no new features over 0.8.0. Just drivespace 3 users
may want to upgrade since this version fixes some annoying error messages
due to some "unknown bits". 0.8.0a also has an improved dutil, but you
very likely never need it...

Next release (0.8.1 maybe) will very likely have experimental read-only
SQ-0-0 (drivespace 3 "Ultra") compression support. :-)

Note: Accidentially this relese is shipped with precompiled binaries.
      They aren't necessary. If you follow the installation instructions
      in the documentation, they are overwritten anyway.

If you can't find it on the ftp servers listed below, try the incoming


Title:          dmsdosfs
Version:        0.8.0a
Entered-date:   27MAR97
Description:    dmsdos filesystem for Linux: extends msdos filesystem to allow
                full read and restricted write access to msdos/win95 compressed
                partitions (msdos files like and and
       The following configurations are supported:
                 - DoubleSpace / DriveSpace compressed msdos 6.x partitions
                   (read-write, fully supported),
                 - DoubleSpace / DriveSpace compressed win95 partitions
                   (read-write, fully supported),
                 - DriveSpace 3 (from Plus! pack) compressed win95 partitions
                   (read-write, without Ultra compression method support),
                 - Stacker 3 compressed partitions (read-write, but write
                   access currently without compression),
                 - Stacker 4 compressed partitions (read-write)
                *** It does NOT support new FAT32 filesystems. ***
                Dmsdos can run together with vfat or umsdos and can handle
                win95 long filenames itself.
                This version preferres a Linux kernel >= 2.0.1. Older kernels
                except 1.2.13 are not supported (untested).
                Support for 2.1.x kernels has been added, but it may not work
                with brand new kernels. Using dmsdos as a module in newer
                2.1.x kernels may not work (untested).
Keywords:       filesystem compression doublespace drivespace stacker

Primary-site: /pub/Linux/system/Filesystems/dosfs
                197 kB dmsdosfs-0.8.0.tgz
Alternate-site: /pub/systems/linux/local/system
                197 kB dmsdosfs-0.8.0.tgz
Platforms:      Linux 2.0.1 up to 2.0.28, 2.1.x, 1.2.13, msdos 6.x, win95
Copying-policy: GPL

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