Linux Journal Feb.Issue Contents

Linux Journal Feb.Issue Contents

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The February issue of Linux Journal (#10) will be printed soon and we
will be mailing them a few weeks from now.  Subscription orders
received by 3:00 pm PST Tuesday, January 3rd will start with issue #10.

normal west coast business hours at (206) 527-3385.

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                           LINUX JOURNAL
                     Issue #10 -- February 1995
                         Table of Contents

   A Conversation with Olaf Kirch    
      The author of the Linux Network Administrator's Guide
      talks about his life and the NAG.

   Using Tcl and Tk from your C Programs     -- by Matt Welsh
      How to use Tcl and Tk from your C programs.

   Linux In the Real World: SCADA-Linux Still Hard at Work -- by Vance Petree
      Time marches on, Linux marches on, and one of the cardinal rules
      of the universe manifest itself at *ia Power, Part 2.

   Linux Conference at Open Systems World/FedUNIX'94   -- by Belinda Frazier
      A Linux conference with developers, support persons, resellers and
      end users in Washington DC.

News and Articles:
    Report on Comdex '94 in Las Vegas  -- by Belinda Frazier    
    Kernel Korner - Block Device Drivers: Interrupts  -- by Michael K. Johnson
    What Your DOS Manual Doesn't Tell You about Linux -- by Liam Greenwood
       A guide to discovering documentation on your Linux System.

Regular Features:
    Stop the Presses: Linux Documentation
    Letters to the Editor
    New Products
    What's GNU - RCS, The Revision Control System -- by Arnold Robbins

Directories & Reference:
    Consultants Directory -- Consultants who work with Linux
    Advertisers Index
    Linux BBSs -- New this issue

Coming in March:
    Introduction to LINCKS
    Humble Beginnings of Linux
    *ia Power, Part 3

Linux Journal is carried by some newsstands (including all Computer
Literacy stores in Silicon Valley) as well as delivered to newsstands
by a newsstand distributor.  If you know a place that sells magazines

call SSC at (206) 527-3385.  Getting LJ on newsstands is going to
be one of the best ways we can show the non-Internet crowd
that Linux is for real.

Subscriptions are $19/year in the U.S., $24 in Canada,
$29 elsewhere for 12 issues from:
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    tel: +1 206-527-3385

Subscriptions begin with the *current* issue.  Back issues
are available (except for Issue #1, we're out) for $4 each,
or $6 each non-North American airmail.

Other questions/comments can be sent to:

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   Linux Journal
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   tel: +1 206-527-3385


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1. Linux Journal Feb 98 issue - And DATABASE HOWTO doc

Linux Journal Feb 98 issue has article about PostgreSQL, the doc below
was not mentioned. Hope this helps --

Database Howto Version 4.0 document is located at -

Also you can find this document at the following mirrors sites -

Other mirror sites near you (network-address-wise) can be found at
select a site and go to directory /LDP/HOWTO/Database-HOWTO.html

This document is published in 10 different formats namely - DVI,
Postscript, Latex, LyX, GNU-info, HTML, RTF(Rich Text Format),
Plain-text, Unix man pages and SGML.

You can get this HOWTO document as a single file tar ball in
HTML, DVI, Postscript or SGML formats from -
Plain text format is in:

CAUTION: The document is large, total number of pages printed will
be 212 pages (postscript version).

Translations to other languages like French, German, Spanish,
Chinese, Japanese are in Any help from you to
translate to other languages is welcome.

The document is written using a tool called "SGML tool" which can
be got from -
Compiling the source you will get the following commands like

     sgml2html databasehowto.sgml (to generate html file)
     sgml2rtf databasehowto.sgml (to generate RTF file)
     sgml2latex databasehowto.sgml (to generate latex file) etc..

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