Linux-1.0-inline-asm uploaded

Linux-1.0-inline-asm uploaded

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Hi Linuxers.
We have uploaded lx10inline.tgz on sunsite. It is a set of patches for 1.0
kernel (and maybe 0.99.15) for speeding up and optimizing some code sequen-
ces used by the kernel, notably those in /linux/include/linux/string.h.

The purpose of these patches is:

 1) speed up some code sequences which are inefficient on the i486
    and pentium compared to the i386. In particular, the string move
    instructions (movsb,lodsb,stosb) are slower on the new processors.
    The gain in speed is about 20-30% on the single functions; on the
    whole kernel it is much difficult to measure, but certainly smaller
    and not normally noticeable.
 2) help gcc performing a better register allocation and produce smaller
    code, as a consequence of avoiding as much as possible any
    instruction which force register use (lods,stos,movs,loop); this
    allows replacing the "c","S","D"... asm constraints with the more
    general forms "q" and "r", letting gcc choose the best register
    placement strategy.
 3) fix the behaviour of the functions in string.h, which are now

Here is the lsm entry:

Title        = Linux-1.0-inline.asm.diff
Version      = 1.0  Mar 18,1994
Desc1        = A set of patches for the Linux 1.0 kernel to speed up
Desc2        = string operations and allow better register allocation by
Desc3        = gcc.
Author       = Alberto Vignani, Davide Parodi

Site1        =
Path1        = kernel/misc.patches
File1        = lx10inline.tgz
FileSize1    = 6656
Required1    = Linux 1.0 kernel sources
CopyPolicy1  = same as kernel sources
Keywords     = kernel, gcc, assembler, inline, pentium
Entered      = 18 Mar 1994
EnteredBy    = Alberto Vignani

Many thanks to Linus Torvalds for his useful suggestions.


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1. Linux-1.0-inline-asm uploaded

Are there plans to add these updates to the basic linux distributions, if not
is there a reason why these updates cannot be migrated in the linux kernel

Regards, Peter Brouwer                 /\_/\

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