Release of the Comtrol Rocketport Intelligent Serial Board driver.

Release of the Comtrol Rocketport Intelligent Serial Board driver.

Post by Theodore Ts' » Sun, 02 Apr 1995 04:00:00

        I am happy to announce the release of a serial driver for the
Comtrol Rocketport Intelligent serial board.  This driver was developed
under contract for Comtrol Corporation, and is officially supported by
them.  The Comtrol RocketPort serial boards can provide 8, 16, or 32
high-speed serial ports; there is a 20 MHz custom RISC processor
dedicated for every 8 ports.  Up to four RocketPort boards may be
installed in a system, providing up to 128 high-speed serial ports.

        The Comtrol board is one of the most efficient intelligent
serial port systems available for Linux.  Benchmark tests have shown
that on 386/40 using the Linux driver, the board can very comfortablely
handle 8 ports simultaneously transmitting at 230400 baud.  (In raw
mode, this required only 16% of the 386/40.)

        The driver is packaged as a loadable kernel module, with a
script that will automatically load the module and create the
appropriate device files for youo automatically.  Full source code is
included in the distribution, and the whole distribution is made
available under the terms of the GNU Public License.  You can FTP the
distribution from TSX-11.MIT.EDU, in the directory

        For dealer, distributor and other information regarding the
Comtrol RocketPort hardware, contact Comtrol Corporation at (800)

                                                        - Ted


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