Magic 6.4.4 for Linux uploaded to

Magic 6.4.4 for Linux uploaded to

Post by Paul Stoffrege » Thu, 15 Dec 1994 21:13:26

Since at least a few people have had difficulty compiling and
installing Magic 6.4.4 for Linux (and since Erik said he's like
to have it in the archives), I have uploaded the source and
binaries for Linux to  I imagine they'll
get moved from Incoming to /pub/Linux/apps/circuits.

Magic 6.4.4 is a VLSI layout editor, intended for creating or
editing VLSI layout, which can be used to fabricate integrated
circuits.  Version 6.4.4 includes version 8.0.0 of the Mosis
Scalable CMOS "scmos" design rules.

The binary is linked to the XFree86-3.1 shared libs.  Magic
also requires quite a bit of memory, so it probably won't run
smoothly on a system with only 8 megs of ram.  Two binaries
are included, one without any of the optional features and one
with all the bells and whistles.  A pair of symbolic links
sets which will run, so you can use the one which takes a
bit less memory for editing and extracting, and switch to
the fully-featured one for using irsim, writing cif files, etc.

The binary on sunsite includes a small change which makes the
"grid" draw quickly, as it did in version 6.3pl3.  A few
additional help files and a small collection of scmos cells
not found in the original Magic 6.4.4 source distribution
are also included in the magic.6.4.4-bin.tar.gz archive.

The magic.6.4.4-src.tar.gz archive is exactly the same as the
magic.6.4.4.tar.Z archive distributed from,
only gzip'd to save a bit of space.


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