COMMERCIAL: NASL announce Release 2 HPF compiler for Linux

COMMERCIAL: NASL announce Release 2 HPF compiler for Linux

Post by Mike Delve » Mon, 21 Apr 1997 04:00:00


N.A Software is pleased to announce that Release 2 of our HPFPlus compiler is
now available. Compared with Release 1.1 it provides substantial gains in


Major code optimisations are included which improve the runtime efficiency of
most codes. We have seen gains in speed of up to four times; for many codes,
the single processor overheads stemming from the use of HPFPlus Release 2
are negligible.


 Multi-statement FORALL, PURE procedures, and EXTRINSIC(HPF_SERIAL) procedures
 are now handled.
The gain in expressiveness allows serial Fortran77 and Fortran90 codes
to be converted more easily.

MPI is now supported

 providing faster message--passing on most platforms. Scalability is
significantly improved under MPI.

A Hostless Model

is now used on most implementations. On systems which do not provide
multi--tasking on individual processors, this avoids tying up
one processor to handle I/O.

Parallel I/O

 is accessible on systems which make this feasible. This includes workstation
and PC clusters.

The MDB Source Level HPF De*

has been enhanced to support MPI and Hostless running.
MDB makes debugging HPF as easy as debugging serial codes.

With the use of the LOFT90 F77-F90 translator and HPFPlus Release 2, major
Fortran77 codes can now be converted to HPF more easily.


HPFPlus Release 2 can be ordered now for immediate delivery for:

PC clusters running Linux (PVM provided)

Sun Sparc clusters running Solaris or SunOS (PVM or MPI)

Meiko CS2 (PVM or MPI)


For availability on other systems, or for more details, email us at or look at

Prices start at 595.00 (425.00 academic) for a single user PC cluster.
Upgrade prices for existing Release 1.x users are available.

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1. COMMERCIAL: NASL HPF Release 2 speeds up industrial codes


HPF is maturing fast, and the compiler is available on Pentium Linux
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Mike Delves

NASL HPF Compiler Speeds Up Industrial Codes

Within the European Esprit-funded PHAROS project,
four industrial-strength codes are being ported to High
Performance Fortran using the N.A. Software HPFPlus compiler.
The project runs from January 96 to December 97; preliminary
benchmarks for the first code, SEM3D, are now available.
SEM3D is a 3-D electromagnetics code from SEMCAP (France)
and is used to model the response of complex bodies (from complete
cars to human heads) to a wide range of electromagnetic influences.
The port to HPF has used both fine grain and coarse grain parallelism.

Benchmarks for a small model problem (80*80*80 cube) have been run on
the Meiko CS2 at the University of Vienna. Times obtained are as follows:

Processors              1         8       64
Time (seconds)          584       88.2    19.9          
Speedup                 1         6.6     29.3

Version 2.0 of the NASL HPFPlus compiler was used, with MPI and version
1.3 NASL FortranPlus backend compiler. Even better speedups are expected
for larger problems.

The HPFPlus compiler is available for PC Linux or Sparc clusters, Meiko CS2,
and IBM SP2. For more details of the compiler, the Pharos project, and the

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