New FAQ list - comments requested

New FAQ list - comments requested

Post by Ian Jacks » Wed, 25 Aug 1993 04:35:16

As you will probably have seen, the ASCII version of the new FAQ has
just been posted.  It should be available on the FTP sites very
shortly, together with the Emacs Info and PostScript versions.

I'd very much like you to read it and email me with any suggestions
and/or corrections you have.

The more constructive criticism I receive the better the FAQ will be
and the less noise there will be in  Email saying
you like it is nice too, though :-).

I'll probably put out an Interim FAQ in a couple of weeks with
additional questions and information, depending on the kind of
comments I receive and what I see in the newsgroups.

If you want to see the tool that I used for the formatting look in the
linux-faq.source.tar.gz file.  You'll need Perl to use it, and Lout if
you want to try creating PostScript with it.  The tool is probably
unsuited (at the moment) to anything except producing a FAQ list, and
there is no documentation for it.