Philips/LMS cm206+cm260 cdrom driver

Philips/LMS cm206+cm260 cdrom driver

Post by David A. van Leeuwe » Tue, 14 Mar 1995 20:25:01

I've put a driver for the Philips/LMS cm206 cd rom drive in combination
with the cm260 adapter card on sunsite. It is a beta test release.
Speeds up to 150 kB/s have been measured (this is about half the
head-speed). I'm working on a better buffer pre-fetch, but this version
will allow users with a cm206 to use their cdrom player.

The driver is delivered as a kernel patch to linux-1.1.75, but successful
installations in the range of 0.99pl16--1.1.90 have been reported.
You may have to apply some rejected patches to different kernel versions,
as some parts of the code tend to move around on kernel updates.

The driver will /not/ work for cm205 (there is another driver for this
drive) or cm205ms+cm250 drives. (Send me the technical docs of the
cm250+cm205ms---this may help me for a `general' driver if it is feasible.)

It is available as


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1. Philips LMS CM206 CDROM and Genoa Phantom 32i 8900 series accelerator

Problem #1:
I have a Philips LMS CM206 CDROM. It seems that whatever I do, I cannot
install the lmscd driver, or whatever you call it, to my kernel. I try
and try, but there is no acknowledgement by the Linux system. Which
config file do I have to access and modify in order to make it work?

Problem #2:
I try to start X windows, but whenever I do there is, first of all a
message that the system initializes the wrong kind of card. I have a
Genoa, Phantom 32i 8900 series, but my system initializes Mach64 ATI.
SuperProbe is out of the question, it just does not work.
Plus, it reports that xinit is not to be found, although it does.

Please help me; I really need to get my system up and going.

Thanks :)
Grigorios Zimonopoulos

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