ANN: XBtx ported for linux

ANN: XBtx ported for linux

Post by Thomas Ziegle » Sun, 14 Mar 1993 01:13:36

 XBtx.linux.tar --- Port of Xbtx for linux

I think this is of main interesst for german users only.
This is a port for linux. Included are the original XBtx.tar.Z and diffs.

Thomas Ziegler, 03/03/93

Here is a part of the original README:


XBtx is an X11 implementation of the CEPT videotext protocol terminal. It has
been extensively tested against the German Telekom's BTX version of the CEPT
videotext service.


XBtx supports

     o  color and black & white displays
     o  multiple server, multiple clients (though at any given time only one
        client can be served by a server)
     o  built-in script language
     o  accounting (connect time and user)

     o  session logging & off-line playback
     o  saving CEPT pages as ASCII or PBM (even if in black & white mode with
        the all the original color information)
     o  background mode (i.e. no X11 display is opened) for automated retrieval
     o  Perl interface
     o  modem configuration file


This software has not been validated by the ``Bundesamt fuer Zulassungen in
der Telekommunikation'' of the ``Deutsche Bundepost Telekom'' and thus
must not be used for accessing the BTX-Network of the Telekom in Germany.

Diese Software hat keine Zulassung durch das Bundesamt fuer Zulassungen in
der Telekommunikation der Deutschen Bundespost Telekom und darf daher nicht
am Netz der Deutschen Bundespost Telekom in Deutschland betrieben werden.

  Thomas Ziegler, LTE, Cauerstr. 9, D-8520 Erlangen, Phone: +49 9131 85-7200  



ANN: XBtx ported for linux

Post by Thomas Ziegle » Sun, 14 Mar 1993 05:01:40

[This is a supplimentary posting to the earlier XBtx announcement.
Your attentive moderator didn't include information on where to get
the package. :) --mdw]

I forgot to tell you were you can find XBtx.linux.tar. It's in [] /pub/incoming

  Thomas Ziegler, LTE, Cauerstr. 9, D-8520 Erlangen, Phone: +49 9131 85-7200  



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