atdisk2 package version 0.1

atdisk2 package version 0.1

Post by Delman L » Sun, 21 Mar 1993 08:04:09

This is release 0.1 of atdisk2 patch for Linux. The patch in this
package enables Linux to use a second AT-type (16-bit) hard disk
controller with 2 drives maximum attached to it.

In mid-February 1993, Muhammad Saggaf announced patches for using a
second AT-type HD controller. It turned out that there were others
also working on the same idea. This package merges the efforts into
one. Most of the codes in the patch are done by Muhammand Saggaf

I am only the "gift wrapper"! [Apparently a similar patch was done
around 0.95, but never made it to the public.]

If you are using Muhammad's earlier patches, you should switch to this
patch because it fixes a bug. Furthermore, this patch uses the
assigned official block device major number for drives on the
secondary controller.

I have uploaded the following files to  & :

atdisk2-0.1.note --- a short note about the package
atdisk2-0.1.tgz  --- a gzipped tar file of the package

At the time of writing the files have only appeared in:

Have fun with it!


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