SLS update: SLS 1.02 / 99p9 kernel

SLS update: SLS 1.02 / 99p9 kernel

Post by Peter MacDona » Thu, 29 Apr 1993 16:50:04

SLS has been updated to 99p9 on tsx-11.  The only changes are:

        a2/image.tgz: new 99p9 image
        b4/lx99p9.tgz: new kernel source
        b4/lxpatch.tgz: revised patches to raw kernel sources

With it, the SLS version has been bumped to 1.02.  This is really
more a book keeping thing for to track bug reports.



1. SLS 1.02 (.99p9) loop.h header file missing

   I am just upgrading to 0.99p9 using SLS 1.02 and with lxpatch applied
  make depend fails to find the loop.h header file.I am using lib4.3.3 and
  have upgraded with lx99p9.tgz and lxpatch.tgz only, also I have unzipped
  the inc433.tgz on SLS 1.02 which I find is the same as my installed one.
   Where can I get loop.h ?
  Also one question on Xwindows - I managed to install and get running with
  no great problems ( though many of the selections on the menu's do not
  work , probably due to missing binaries ). Trying to run ghostscript under
  xwindows it fails with unable to find and in /lib there is
  only linked to
  So where can I obtain ?
   Finally I would like to thank everybody who has contibuted to linux to
  make it a system I can nearly ditch MS-DOG for ( only slip and autoroute
  left on DOS ).

  --                     I look forward to your replies,
                                Phil Jones.

  |                     phone --  +44 81-521-9966                          |
  |                                                                        |
  |                                                                        |

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