Correction: was "Meeting LOCAL: of the Toronto Linux Users Group

Correction: was "Meeting LOCAL: of the Toronto Linux Users Group

Post by Laszlo Hercz » Wed, 26 Oct 1994 03:05:53

 Due to unforseen circumstances, there has been a change in
 the _location_ of the next TLUG meeting.

 The meeeting will still be at 7 pm on Wednesday, October 26, 1994
 as I originally announced, but in a different location.

 Instead of 120 Carlton Street, we shall meet at :

      Room 119
      Galbraith Building
      35 St. George Street
      University of Toronto
      Toronto, Ontario

 "Galbraith Building" is located near the intersection
  of College & St. George, on the University of Toronto
  campus. It is on the east side of St. George Street,
  just north of College Street.

  So here is the complete, updated meeting announcement:

 The next meeting of the Toronto Linux Users Group will be held
 at 7 pm in Room 119, Galbraith Building, University of Toronto,
 35 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario, on Wednesday, October 26, 1994.

 Everyone is welcome to attend.

 The guest speaker will be Henry Spencer, co-author of Cnews,
 and his talk is entitled:

                Cnews -- how it works

 The agenda for the meeting:

 - announcements
 - Cnews  --Henry Spencer  
 - questions to the speaker
 - general Q&A session

 For those who are new to setting up and administering Cnews, I'd
 like to recommend that you read chapters 17 and 19 of the Linux
 Network Administrator's Guide (NAG), which is available by ftp

 Be there!

        Laszlo Herczeg
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1. LOCAL: Toronto Linux Users Group Meeting



Dear Friends,

The next meeting of the Toronto Linux Users Group will be held
at 7:30 pm at the Swan Building, 5415 Dundas Street West,
on Tuesday, March 25, 1997.

The topic of this meeting will be "Programming with TCL/TK and TIX"
and the presenter will be Avy Moise, who has been using TCL/TK
with great success for creating scientific imaging applications.

TCL/TK is a flexible and extensible programming language
developed by Sun Microsystems, and TIX is a popular GUI interface builder
kit based on TCL/TK which simplifies the task of rolling out graphical

I'd like to take this oppurtunity also to cordially invite you to
visit our new home page which is located at:


Produced and maintained by Michel Afar, this page provides an
excellent starting point for exploring Linux resources on the
Internet and contains pointers to our meetings and other
activities in the Toronto area.

Meeting details follow:

Location:   Suite 207
            5415 Dundas Street West

How to Get There:

           By the subway: take the Bloor subway
           to the Kipling station.  The Swan building is
           two blocks west of the Kipling station,
           next to the large "Canadian Tire" plaza.

           For those who are driving, ample and free parking
           is available in the parking lot just south
           of the Swan building.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

              Laszlo Herczeg

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