Xaw3d drop-in library replaced by arrow-scrollbar version.

Xaw3d drop-in library replaced by arrow-scrollbar version.

Post by R.W.W. Hoo » Fri, 05 Mar 1993 18:17:33

(Note: This is about a package that makes all 'Xaw' linked programs
look 3d without even recompiling or relinking them.)

After getting a number of requests, I have replaced the
libXaw3d-3.0-A.tar.z in Incoming on sunsite.unc.edu with a -B version
which has the arrow-scrollbar enabled.

Please note that the package again is 'gzipped'. Get gzip from

Best regards,
Rob W.W. Hooft,  Department of crystal and structural chemistry
Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research, University of Utrecht

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1. Upload of drop-in Xaw3d DLL library to sunsite

I have uploaded to sunsite.unc.edu:/pub/Linux/Incoming
the package libXaw3d-3.0-A.tar.z.

Watch the announcements of Erik Troan to see if it moves.

The libXaw3.so.3.0 file in this package is a drop-in replacement for
/lib/libXaw.so.3.0. I have used it for a few days now without
problems. In the README file of the original package the authors
warn people using aXe and xarchie. These two programs probably won't
work unchanged with this drop-in library, but I don't use them, so I
don't know.

Please notice that it has been no more than about 20 minutes of my
time (most of this for writing the README file). Go and praise Dirk
Hohndel and Eric Youngdale (and the authors of Xaw3d) instead!

The README from the package is appended.

Best Regards,

Rob Hooft.
This package is:
 -    How to build a DLL jumptable version of Xaw3d libs

It is based on:
 -    Eric Youngdale's package of tools for building DLL libraries.
 -    package  DLL-X.0.2.tar.z 02/04/93   Dirk Hohndel

It contains:
 -    unmodified sources of the original library (export.lcs.mit.edu).
 -    A few scripts that can help rebuilding the library.
 -    A modified lex.c file ('flex'ed and corrected: UGLY!)

It was designed by:

With help of:

 -    the DLL tools 2.1 package by Eric Youngdale.
 -    Dirk Hohndel, who actually did all the work.

To build the lib (you don't need to if you trust me):
 -    you need an installed 'tools' package.
 -    modify the make.shared script, it needs to know the JUMP_DIR.
 -    Type './make.clean' (if needed).
 -    Type './make.shared' to make the shared lib.

To install the lib:
 -    cp libXaw3.so.3.0 /lib
 -    cd /lib
 -    ln -sf libXaw3.so.3.0 libXaw.so.3

 -    Read the README file in the Xaw3d subdirectory for some Xaw3d warnings.

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