Mbuf questions -- thanks

Mbuf questions -- thanks

Post by Neophytos Iacov » Tue, 09 Mar 1993 07:53:03

  I just wanted to thank all of the people who posted here, and who
  sent me mail in regards to my mbuf questions, Again, thanks!!

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1. Who can give me some clues about mbuf?thanks!

  I am a newbie to mbuf.Now I do some work about buffer.So I want
someone to give me some clues about mbuf.For example:
  1.what are advantages and disadvantages of mbuf?
  2.what are differences between of mbuf and sk_buf that is
implementation in Linux kernel and which is more superior and why?
  3.what are there be other buffers and what is some information about
  4.what are some applications in ipv6/ipSec of mbuf?
   Thanks for any help in advance!
   Best Regards!

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